Build 2016 for Windows XAML-UWP Developers

Demo of the Day

Updated 2 years ago
Have you ever watched another developer code? Every managed, native, and web developer has shortcuts, utilities, and techniques that make us more effective and efficient. Sometimes a new workflow can save us time and code. Sometimes, a simple Visual Studio extension, item template or snippet can take us for great to awesome. That's why I love to watch what […]

The Ops Team

Updated 2 years ago
Weekly show where 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On Premises technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

Defrag Tools

Updated 2 weeks ago
Andrew Richards, Chad Beeder and Larry Larsen host this deep dive into the tools used to troubleshoot systems. Each Defrag Tools show focuses on a specific tool, going deep in to a tool's features, explaining when and why you should use the tool, and provides experience based tips to get the most out of the tool. Send your […]

Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

Updated 11 months ago
Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover is your eye on the Microsoft Cloud. Join Chris Risner and Haishi Bai as they cover Microsoft Azure, demonstrate features, discuss the latest news + announcements, and share tips and tricks.

Patch And Switch

Updated 1 month ago
Click to chat It's the Patch and Switch show. Two guys that couldn't cut it in the landscaping business bore you with their talk about their imaginary lives as IT pros. Recorded archive of their live bi-weekly Call In Tech Podcast Q&A.

Data Exposed

Updated 2 months ago
Data Exposed is all about data; relational and non-relational, on-premises and in the cloud, big and small. Join your host Scott Klein and his guests as they demonstrate features, discuss the latest news, and share their love for data technology including SQL Server, HDInsight, and more!
Android Developer Story: Le Monde increases subscriptions with Google Play Billing

Android Developer Stories

Updated 4 weeks ago
CodeChat 065 – The Amazing JS Data


Updated 12 months ago
An informal, weekly chat about all things coding and software development. I'll be bringing in community developers from the Seattle area, folks from the Microsoft product groups, and anyone else with something interesting to discuss.
Firebase Messaging — Polycasts #59

Polycasts with Rob Dodson

Updated 5 months ago
Ready to get your hands dirty and revolutionize the modern web? Join Rob Dodson from the Chrome Developer Relations team as he explores the ins and outs of Polymer, a new library that's pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the browser. Learn about the basic building blocks that make up a Polymer application, and […]

DevOps Dimension

Updated 1 year ago
Welcome to DevOps Dimension, a show for anyone beginning or continuing your DevOps journey. Join DevOps experts David Tesar, Thiago Almeida, Oguz Pastirmaci, the engineers building DevOps solutions, and partners to find out the latest news and information on DevOps practices, inside and outside Microsoft.


Updated 1 year ago
Welcome to #ImagineThis. This series is the source of inspiration and information for student tech lovers hosted by fellow tech lovers. Each episode will provide professional or technical tips & tricks, and highlights of our industry happenings.
Interview with Damian Brady

DevOps Interviews

Updated 3 months ago
This is a series of interviews with thought leaders in DevOps.