Make your own 3d Zoetropes with 4-Mation

8 months ago
3d Zoetropes are a way to create an animation on your desktop visible with the naked eye. 4-Mation has a readymade kit that handles the platter motion and the strobes to let your creativity take the focus.

Wave Machine: CNC Machined and 3D Printed Kinetic Art

10 months ago
see full details and download the files: Over the past few years I’ve seen a few pieces of kinetic art that really stuck with me. Usually these are things that are simulating organic motion with simple mechanical structures. At some point, I decided I wanted to make a piece of kinetic art of my […]

BiliScreen: Smartphone-based App for Measuring Adult Jaundice

10 months ago
University of Washington researchers have developed a smartphone app that accurately measures jaundice in adults using a selfie and an accessory. BiliScreen is a non-invasive alternative to to blood draws for measuring bilirubin levels in the blood stream. Excess bilirubin can be an indicator of a variety of health conditions – including pancreatic cancer, a […]

Oracle Education Foundation 3D Design Class for Girls

10 months ago
In Oracle Education Foundation’s 3D Design + Production class, students learn how to design and produce 3D prototypes using industry-standard tools. 22 girls from Design Tech High School participated in the June 2017 class featuring Carbon.

Get Perfect Prints Every Time with a PEI Build Plate

10 months ago
PEI is a build plate surface for your 3d printer that practically eliminates print failures. This video shows you how to add one to your printer, and how to replace it if you ever need to. Materials used in this video: PEI Sheet & Adhesive: Plastic Squeegee: Limonene: Plastic Razor Blades:

WAPG 7 3D Animation Technologies for Web Browser

12 months ago
In this final part of the Guide we discuss 3D animation technologies for browser software and web development. 3D animation design and development on the web is a very broad topic involving a massive amount of technologies, tools, frameworks and software.

Cura 2.6 with Octoprint Integration

12 months ago
The recent release of Cura, the 3d Print Slicing Software includes one of the best new features in a while: seamless integration with OctoPrint. Octopi: Cura: Apple Pi Baker: Win 32 Disk Imager: Music: nervous_testpilot ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go to a Maker Faire! Subscribe to […]

Make: Live – Raspberry Pi SkyCam

1 year ago
Brook Drumm of PrintrBot joins us as we build his raspberry Pi SkyCam, a 3d printed, Raspberry Pi-powered, remote controlled cable cam. Get the parts you need for this project: Read More:

Make Live: PiKon Raspberry Pi Telescope

1 year ago
The PiKon Telescope combines the Raspberry Pi, some PVC drain pipe and a few 3d printed parts to become a high power telescope capable of some impressive astrophotography.

Microsoft EDU Event Highlights

1 year ago
Check out the highlights from the Microsoft Education event on May 2nd. Introducing exciting new additions to Microsoft Education, announcing Windows 10 S, plus the new Microsoft Surface Laptop.

Make: Live – Building Eddie, the Self-Balancing Robot

1 year ago
In this episode of Make: Live we build Eddie, a self-balancing robot powered by the Intel Edison Single Board Computer. Make: Live is a live build series powered by Digi-Key. Eddie Self Balancing Robot project link: ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go to a Maker Faire! Subscribe to the Magazine! […]

Make Live: The Pix-E GIF Camera

1 year ago
In our first episode of Make: Live We build the Pix-E Gif Camera, a Raspberry Pi-powered camera that records GIFs and shares them on the internet.