Justin promotes inclusivity with technology as his voice: Audio Description Version

9 months ago
A college student with athetoid cerebral palsy uses Microsoft Word and his communication device to promote inclusivity and inspire others to do the same. Learn more about Office 365 at: Read the full story at:

Testing Shadow DOM with aXe Coconut – A11ycasts #26

9 months ago
Today we’re going to look at aXe Coconut, the leading edge of the aXe developer toolchain. You can think of aXe Coconut kind of like Chrome Canary or Firefox Nightly. It’s a preview channel for developers to test out new versions of the library and offer feedback before they hit the stable version. One of […]

How to build a toggle button – A11ycasts #25

10 months ago
Today we’ll walk through building an accessible toggle button. A toggle button is just a button with two states: pressed, and unpressed. It’s a pretty simple control, but it’ll allow us to show off a number of best practices for building accessible custom elements. ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1: Button: Custom elements: HowTo: Components: […]

Mitch Muenster & Dante Gagne – Developing with Disabilities

11 months ago
Mitch Muenster, a Microsoft MVP, and Dante Gagne, a Program Manager focused on accessibility, come on the show to talk about accessibility initiatives in Visual Studio and challenges developers with disabilities have getting started. We also talk about the Microsoft Surface Dial and the possibilities it brings to developers working with handicaps. Accessibility Improvements in Visual […]

How to Label Custom Elements – A11ycasts #24

11 months ago
Custom Elements are a very cool new set of technologies that let developers define their own HTML tags. But when we create new elements, we need to make sure they include all of the same usability and accessibility affordances as the built-in tags. Today we’ll be talking about labeling, and how you can make sure […]

Design for All – .future podcast #5

11 months ago
Designing technology with people with disabilities in mind makes it better for everyone. This episode features: Dan Formosa — Designer and Consultant Angela Glover Blackwell — Founder of PolicyLink Jenny Lay-Flurrie — Chief Accessibility officer at Microsoft Sean Marihugh — Escalation Engineer at Microsoft Crystal Jones — Escalation Engineer at Microsoft Erin Williams — Senior […]

Yogi’s Intern Story: Part 1

11 months ago
In the first part of Yogi’s Intern story, we meet Yogi and learn about what brought her to Microsoft as a high school intern. We learn what project she’s going to work on, and how she got interested in tech. If you want to be a high school intern at Microsoft, please visit

The new way to test accessibility with Chrome DevTools – A11ycasts #23

11 months ago
Chrome version 60 ships with an exciting new DevTools feature called Audits 2.0. This panel replaces the previous Audits panel with a new set of tests powered by Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a tool which checks for various performance and best practice metrics, including accessibility. Under the hood, these accessibility tests are powered by aXe, the […]

TWC9: Brewing the News, .NET Standard 2.0 is done, .NET Conf, Eye Typing and more…

11 months ago
This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Christina Warren and Bryan Liston discuss the week’s top developer news, including;  [00:55] NET Standard 2.0 is final [Immo Landwerth] [01:43] .NET Conf [01:55] Ignite [02:22] Join Xbox Academy at the Flagship Microsoft Store to Design and Create Your First Video Game [Victor Rodriguez, Nick De La]   [03:29] […]

Managing Focus – A11ycasts #22

12 months ago
Check out the demo: Single page web apps are awesome but may present interesting accessibility challenges. In particular, when the site loads new content, it needs to be able to inform an assistive technology user that the new content is available, and ideally move focus into the new area. Today on A11ycasts we’ll look […]

From Hack to Product, Eye Control for Windows 10

12 months ago
It started as a hackathon project inspired by one person with ALS. Now it’s on the verge of helping many more. Meet the team behind Eye Control for Windows 10. Learn more at: Audio Description version here:

Typhlex: Exploring Deformable Input for Blind Users Controlling a Mobile Screen Reader

12 months ago
Current smartphone technology presents many challenges for blind users. This article introduces the use of deformable inputs for blind users, which offers such users the ability to physically manipulate a device for system interaction. The authors describe the iterative design process of a deformable device prototype, Typhlex, with strategically placed grooves to elicit bend gestures. […]