How a Rideshare Giant Uses AI to Detect Business Anomalies

2 days ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – Join our webinar to hear how Lyft and other data-driven organizations benefit from uncovering hidden insights in real time with AI solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Anodot. Learn how to prevent events that can impact your revenue and brand integrity with a […]

AWS Stockholm Summit May 2018 Keynote

4 days ago
Watch the AWS Stockholm Summit keynote with Dr, Werner Vogels, CTO, & Guido Bartels, Managing Director at AWS Nordics joined on stage by local customers sharing their experience with AWS. Learn more at –

Bitnami Stacksmith

4 days ago Join us to learn about Stacksmith, a new replatforming tool from Bitnami, and how you can use it to migrate your existing applications out of your datacenter to the container or cloud platform of your choice. In this live demo, we will cover what Stacksmith is, why it’s different from other solutions, and how […]

Tim Bray and Friends | Messaging Fanout for Parallel Processing | Guest Expert: Sam Dengler

1 week ago
AWS messaging services enable different software systems and end devices–often using different programming languages, and on different platforms–to communicate and exchange information. Learn more at – You can use AWS messaging services to send and receive data in your cloud applications. The underlying infrastructure is automatically provisioned for high availability and message durability to […]

AWS Summit Milano 2018 | Improve productivity with Continuous Integration & Delivery

1 week ago
Watch the session conducted by Tara Walker, Technical Evangelist AWS at the AWS Summit Milan 2018. Learn more about AWS at – View slides from the presentation here – Improve productivity with Continuous Integration & Delivery from Amazon Web Services

What’s New with AWS – Week of May 07, 2018

2 weeks ago
Learn what’s new with AWS at – In this episode, find out what’s new with AWS Machine Learning Competency Program, AWS Budgets, and Optimize CPUs for Amazon EC2.

AWS Summit London 2018: AWS Partners to Help with Your Machine Learning Needs

2 weeks ago
AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners provide solutions that help organizations solve their data challenges, enable machine learning and data science workflows or offer SaaS based capabilities that enhance end applications with machine intelligence. Learn more at – AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners demonstrate that their organization has deep expertise in Machine Learning experience on […]

Introduction to AWS for Nonprofits & NGOs

3 weeks ago
Tens of thousands of nonprofits and NGOs worldwide use Amazon Web Services Organizations to build highly available, scalable websites, host core business and employee-facing systems, and manage donor outreach and fundraising efforts – keeping them mission centric. Learn more:

Verizon: Managed Virtual Network Services

3 weeks ago
Learn more at – On this episode of This Is My Architecture, you’ll learn about Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ managed virtual network solutions for AWS. We’ll walk through the architecture that enables enterprises to provision, automate and orchestrate SD-WAN and other virtual network services for customers that want end-to-end connectivity to the cloud. We’ll cover […]

Creating AR/VR Experiences | Ep 1: Intro to Amazon Sumerian

3 weeks ago
To see all upcoming episodes and past broadcasts, visit – To learn more about Amazon Sumerian, visit Consumers are desiring more immersive experiences, but developing such experiences can be challenging and costly. Amazon Sumerian is designed to strip away this complexity by making it easier, faster, and less expensive to develop and deploy […]

Sigstr’s Tale of Building Customer Trust and Winning Business through Security with Threat Stack

4 weeks ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – Sigstr, an email signature marketing company, turned to Threat Stack on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to secure its SaaS platform and growing customer base. Join the upcoming webinar to better understand what it takes to secure and grow a modern SaaS organization.

Deploying a Static Website | Beginner’s Course | Last Part

4 weeks ago
Puh, it was a lot of work, but we finally achieved the end of our beginner’s guide! Let’s finally learn how we can easily deploy our website to the web! ———- Join our JavaScript Bootcamp: Join our CSS Complete Guide: Code: Want to learn something totally different? Check out all other courses: […]