What’s Inside My Containers? Container Monitoring and Run-time Security on Amazon ECS

4 days ago
Learn more about Amazon EC2 Container Service at Containers and microservices are designed to prove a reliable and low-cost way for teams to build and ship distributed applications. However, they also add extra layers of abstraction and orchestration to your environment that hinder your ability to do performance monitoring and security enforcement. Sysdig can […]

AWS Tranformation Day Keynote | London 2017

4 days ago
Watch Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector at AWS, deliver a keynote at AWS London Transformation Day Public Sector. She focuses on organizational transformation, cultural transformation, and improving citizen services, encouraging organizations to make sure that their people have the skills they need to be successful. Three UK organizations join her onstage to […]

Exploring AWS Mobile Hub Features

5 days ago
Learn more about AWS Mobile Hub at – AWS Mobile Hub lets you easily add and configure features for your mobile apps, including user authentication, data storage, backend logic, push notifications, content delivery, and analytics. After you build your app, AWS Mobile Hub gives you easy access to testing on real devices, as well […]

The Smithsonian Institution Improves Genome Annotation for Biodiverse Species Using the AWS Cloud

7 days ago
Learn more about AWS in the Public Sector at – The Smithsonian’s Data Science Team’s mission is to implement solutions that will accelerate science and lower the bar for entry to genomics research, not only for Smithsonian scientists but for biodiversity researchers in general. They are working to improve a critical part of the […]

Twistlock and Amazon Web Services: Full Lifecycle Compliance for Container Environments

2 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS Container Partners at – With more organizations using containerized applications to interact with their customers and employees, massive amounts of data are being generated. This stresses the need for container environments to be configured to meet compliance standards. Twistlock’s audit-ready reporting and granular enforcement delivers compliance and vulnerability checks directly […]

Qantas: Building a Highly-Available, Multi-AZ CIFS Cluster on AWS

2 weeks ago
On this episode of This Is My Architecture Rohan Jerrems from Qantas explains how they built a highly available multi-AZ CIFS cluster in AWS using the Storage Replica option in Windows Server 2016. This storage layer supported a business-critical rostering platform and used ELB, EC2, SQS and more. Learn more at –

Automating Big Data Technologies for Faster Time-to-Value

2 weeks ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – Big data technologies can be extremely complex and require manual operation. If you can intelligently automate your Big Data operations then you can lower your costs, make your team more productive, scale more efficiently, and lower the risk of failure. Demandbase, creator of a […]

Deliver Modern Apps and Big Data with Enterprise Scale and Availability with Mesosphere and AWS

2 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS Container Partners at – To stay competitive, today’s enterprises use sophisticated tools like Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra to innovate faster. Implementing these tools and practices at scale and with enterprise availability is often challenging, requiring complex configuration and management. Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise is designed to reduce the operation weight of […]

Deploy, Troubleshoot and Control Kubernetes Powered Containers and Microservices on AWS

2 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS Container Partners at – In this webinar we explore how Weaveworks utilizes Kubernetes and AWS to achieve greater development velocity without giving up control and operational efficiencies. Weaveworks operates Weave Cloud, an intuitive operations Platform as a Service (PaaS) for app developers on AWS. We will discuss best practices and […]

AWS Startup Day – New York: Security Crash Course

2 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS at – All companies should build with security and protection of customer data as the number one priority. This talk will cover a wide range of best practices from MFA, root accounts, encrypting laptops, inventory management, MDM, and incident response. You’ll learn key principles of how to build a secure […]

AWS Startup Day – New York: VC Panel – AWS Startup Day, New York

2 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS at – Panelists: Adam Rothenberg, Partner, BoxGroup, Zack Shildhorn, Partner, Lux Capital, and Charles Birnbaum, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners and Courtney Robinson, Partner, Advance Venture Partners

Bitnami Kubernetes Sandbox- A Complete Kubernetes Environment

3 weeks ago One package and you get everything you need to quickly launch a Kubernetes cluster in AWS, Oracle Cloud, or Google Cloud. Bitnami Kubernetes Sandbox is designed to be the easiest way to deploy a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud to give users as close to a production workflow as possible. If you are looking […]