What’s New in Android O for Developers

2 days ago
Android O Developer Preview site: Android Developers preview of the upcoming O release – Learn how to use the new behavior changes like the new Background restrictions and new features like Notification channels, Autofill framework, XML resources and many more! Checkout the preview site to see how you can be compatible with Android O […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 062)

5 days ago
LinkedIn uses Android Studio: Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder: Faster 3D rendering with WebGL 2.0: An Upgrade to SyntaxNet: Distill: Supporting Clarity in Machine Learning: Profiling your Realtime Database Performance: Native Express Video: Highlights: LinkedIn and Android Studio, Distill (Machine Learning), SyntaxNet upgrade The Developer Show […]

Going Further with FlatBuffers

7 days ago
This talk introduces you to some powerful FlatBuffers tools you may not know to exist, such as schema-less FlatBuffers, the object API, GRPC support, in-place mutation, in-place binary search, proto translation and reflection!

Designing a Google Doodle game

7 days ago
How do you make a game for a billion users? Take a quick look into the Google Doodle’s unique set of game design constraints.

Best Practices for Launching Successfully on Google Play

7 days ago
From Early Access to Beta Testing to Pre-Registration, Play provides the best go-to-market programs for launching mobile games. This panel will cover how these programs tie the entire production process together. Featuring: Electronic Arts, Hutch Games, Nix Hydra & Space App Games

Beyond the Install: Building Robust Communities on Mobile

7 days ago
You’ve heard about Influencer Campaigns, eSports, and Social Marketing–Now hear about strategies from the innovative game companies who are building their communities to sustain product growth for the long term. Featuring: Seriously Entertainment, Social Point & SuperEvilMegaCorp

True Indie Stories: Learnings, Challenges and More

7 days ago
Join us for a candid discussion amongst a diverse set of Android Indie Developers as they share honest accounts of launching games on Google Play. Featuring: 505 Games, About Fun, Disruptor Beam, Klei Entertainment & Schell Games

Android Security: 2016 Year in Review

7 days ago
Adrian Ludwig, Director Android Security, presents the third annual Android Security Year In Review, a comprehensive look at our work to protect more than 1.4 billion Android users and their data. Chapters: – Intro 0:00-3:50 – Summary 3:51-6:40 – Robust Platform 6:41-9:50 – Comprehensive Services 9:51-22:30 – Ecosystem Updates 22:31 – 26:24 – Noteworthy PHAs […]

Behind the Scenes: How Chefs for Seniors uses Xamarin, HockeyApp & Azure App Service to Power its Daily Operations

1 week ago
Chefs For Seniors provides personalized in-home meal preparation for senior citizens on a weekly basis that aligns with dietary restrictions. The service includes grocery shopping, help with meal selection, in-home cooking, and companionship during meal prep. Currently, the chefs at Chefs For Seniors handle their planning and operations by carrying large binders with them to […]

Android Developer Story: Omnidrone develops a better game with Early Access on Google Play

1 week ago
Watch Gerard Fernandez, CEO and Gonzalo Fasanella, Product & Business, at game developer Omnidrone, explain how using open beta and the Early Access Beta Program have enabled them to build the game which players want. Hear how they iterated the game and improved key KPIs, such as engagement and monetization, before the public launch. – […]

Android Developer Story: LinkedIn uses Android Studio to build a performant app

2 weeks ago
Watch more developer stories at LinkedIn’s app in Google Play store: Android Studio: The LinkedIn mobile team uses Android Studio to build their Android app. For teams with a large number of developers adding code to a project, making sure that everyone pays attention to areas that affect performance is vital for […]

Unity and AdMob Rewarded Video – Mobile Ads Garage #14

2 weeks ago
Unity Plugin Repo: Get Started Guide: Rewarded Video Guide: Native Ads Express Guide: SDK Support Forum: While the Mobile Ads SDK has supported rewarded video ads for a while now, publishers have needed to use mediation in their integrations. Now, however, AdMob has launched its own rewarded video demand, which […]