Create UI tests with Espresso Test Recorder

3 weeks ago
Read more about Espresso: IdlingResource: Download Android Studio 2.3 here: Learn how to use the Espresso Test Recorder in Android Studio 2.3 to add UI test to your app. Whether you’re just learning the Espresso framework or you want to create a base for your UI test suite quickly, the Test Recorder […]

Urban Refuge

3 weeks ago
Microsoft teamed up with Urban Refuge to bring urban refugees in Amman, Jordan, access to local assistance opportunities via a Xamarin cross-platform mobile application. Urban refugees make up 78% of the 655,000 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan and 66% of refugees worldwide. Evidence from the field shows this population has access to mobile devices, yet […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 059)

4 weeks ago
Google I/O Tickets: TensorFlow 1.0: Debug TensorFlow Models with tfdbg: Google Maps Android API: Maps APIs tutorials have a new look: Cloud Spanner: GPUs on Google Cloud Platform: Highlights: Google I/O 2017, TensorFlow 1.0, and Cloud Spanner The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date […]

Google Developers Agency Spotlight Presents: Novoda

1 month ago
Novoda strive to create cutting edge apps that drive their clients’ business goals. In meeting the demanding access criteria for the Google Developer’s Agency Program, Novoda are one of a small selection of certified agencies worldwide. The team was able to improve the development cycle and enhance the experience of their client app CCleaner. See […]

DevBytes: Managing app releases on the Google Play Developer Console

1 month ago
Developer Console Help: Learn how to use the Google Play Developer Console’s improved app release management tools to publish your app on Google Play with confidence. Track and manage your alpha, beta, and production tracks in one place, easily stage rollouts, view your artifact library, and more. Developer Console Help:

The Developer Show (TL;DR 058)

1 month ago
Android Wear 2.0 is here!: Android Things Developer Preview 2: TensorFlow for Android Things: Announcing TensorFlow Fold: Google Cloud Endpoints now GA: Highlights: Android Wear 2.0, TensorFlow for Android Things, and Android Things Developer Preview 2 The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the […]

Building Place-based Experiences, Part 1 – Geocasts

1 month ago
Google Places API documentation: In part 1 of this series, Laurence Moroney and Alyssa the AI present how to build a place-based experience in Android. In it you’ll learn how to use the Place API Place Picker to find and choose real-world places, and store their IDs in a Firebase database in order to […]

Mobile and Embedded TensorFlow (TensorFlow Dev Summit 2017)

1 month ago
Did you know that TensorFlow models can be deployed in iOS and Android apps, and even run on Raspberry Pi? In this talk Pete Warden will go through everything you need to know to make this happen, and provide some golden technical pro-tips on the way. Visit the TensorFlow website for all session recordings: […]

How To Enable 2 Step Verification in WhatsApp – Tips and Tricks

1 month ago
In this video you will learn to enable or set up the two step verification in whatsapp user account in any of the android device ( mobile phone, tablet etc ). The 2 step authentication will add another layer of security for whats app user accounts and to enable it you need provide a 6 […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 057)

1 month ago
YouTube-BoundingBoxes Dataset: Inclusive tech hubs: Chrome 57 Beta: Progressive Web Apps on Android: Firebase Admin SDK Updates: Debugging FCM on iOS: SQL Server Enterprise workloads: Windows and .NET Codelabs: Highlights: Chrome 57 Beta, inclusive tech hubs, and Firebase Admin SDK updates The Developer Show is where you […]

Behind the Scenes: How Homitat Built an Automated Process for Sending Messages to Office 365 Groups

1 month ago
One of the toughest and most time-consuming tasks for home buyers is researching whether the location of a prospective home will fit their needs. They need to consider factors such as schools, public transit, safety, shopping, traffic, and more for every listing they are interested in, whether it comes from an agent or online search. […]

Android Wear 2.0 for Developers

1 month ago
An overview for developers about new Android Wear 2.0 features, including material design, watch face complications and standalone functionalities. Additional Resources: Material Design for Android Wear: Watch Faces and Complications: Android Wear for Developers: