OpenWorld General Session 2017: Next-Gen Business Apps 10-2-2017

4 months ago
Oracle Executive Vice President, Applications Development, Steve Miranda delivers his General Session keynote, “Get Ahead of Digital Disruption with Oracle’s Next-Generation Business Apps,” at Oracle OpenWorld 2017.

OpenWorld Conference Session 2017: Bloodhound 10-4-2017

4 months ago
A panel of Oracle customers from Bloodhound, Wireflare, GRAKN.AI, and Finaeos share how they leveraged cloud infrastructure to accomplish the impossible.

TWC9: Windows Developer Day On-Demand, TypeScript is 5, Xbox Onesies and Giant Battling Robots!

4 months ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina and Beth Pan discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:33] Windows Developer Day On-Demand – Fall Creators Update [00:57] TypeScript Turns 5 [Daniel Rosenwasser] [01:54] Announcing Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android, Microsoft Launcher [Joe Belfiore], Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android: What developers need to know [Sean […]

Executive Solution Sessions 2017: Artificial Intelligence 10-2-2017

5 months ago
Fujitsu EVP Goro Watanabe and Oracle VP of Solaris Engineering Bill Nesheim deliver their keynote “Where We Are Heading with Artificial Intelligence” at Oracle Executive Solution Sessions 2017.

A.I. Experiments: Teachable Machine

5 months ago
Teachable Machine is an experiment that makes it easier for anyone to start exploring how machine learning works. It lets you teach a machine using your camera – live in the browser, no coding required. It’s built with a library called deeplearn.js, which makes it easier for any web developer to get into machine learning, […]

Voice Activated Artificial Intelligence for Makers: #CoffeeWithAGoogler

5 months ago
In this episode, @lmoroney meets Billy Rutledge of Google AIY to talk about the product, how it came about, and how you can get started with building your own Artificial Intelligence! Learn more at Watch more episodes of Coffee with a Googler here: Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel:

Explore Watson at Work: Pro Basketball Scouting (360° Video)

5 months ago
Rotate through this 360° video to experience a basketball practice with IBM Watson. Can Watson help assemble the perfect basketball roster? With the help of Watson’s cognitive API’s, one professional team is piecing together the necessary skills and personalities to create a consistently strong team. Watson can use multiple APIs to propose valuable draft picks […]

Artificial Intelligence over Coffee with James McLurkin

5 months ago
In this episode, @lmoroney meets with James McLurkin to talk about AIY — Artificial Intelligence-it Yourself, a project from Google that is designed to ‘build engineers’, by giving you hands-on skills in building a device that uses Google’s Artificial Intelligence technologies. We talk about a group of high school kids that were given these kits […]

US Open to the Power of IBM

5 months ago
The most highly attended sporting event in the world, the US Open demands the best when it comes to a technology partner, and IBM delivered just that in 2017. From the digital infrastructure to cognitive highlights to the official app to cloud security and everything in between, see all of the IBM enterprise solutions that […]

TWC9: Ice Cream Thursday, Edge Web Summit, Ultimate C# Tools, ARKit + HoloLens and much more…

5 months ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina and Seth discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:43] Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 [01:18] The Ultimate List of C# Tools: IDEs, Profilers, Automation Tools, and More [Angela Stringfellow] [01:56] Ignite [02:11] Microsoft Tech Summit is back – register for a free event near you! [02:35] Save time […]

TWC9: Equifax Data Breach, Windows 10 Oct 17th, Future Decoded, AI Interoperability, Robot House Builders and more…

5 months ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina and Bryan discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:35] Equifax Says Data Breach Could Impact 143 Million [Todd Haselton] [01:24] Create and play this holiday with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update coming Oct. 17 [Terry Myerson] [02:01] Microsoft Future Decoded [02:41] Introducing Razor Pages [Seth Juarez, Ryan […]

AI Day in Toronto: Introduction to Deep Learning with MXNet Technical Workshop

6 months ago
Learn more at – AWS Canada welcomed Guy Ernest, Machine Learning Expert for a technical workshop. He walks through theory of operation and code in a hands-on for common AI problems including handwriting recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and recommendation engines.