Optimizing Your Game | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream

5 days ago
When developing any type of project in UE4, trying to maintain a target framerate of 30, 60 or even 90 FPS without sacrificing the quality of the visuals can be a real challenge. Epic Games’ Sam Deiter shares some tips and tricks that you can use to make sure your UE4 projects maintain the framerate […]

Mixed Reality and Cross-Border Collaboration

2 weeks ago
The city of Vancouver, BC is becoming a hot spot in the field of virtual and augmented reality. Finger Food Studios and the BC Tech Association are working with the Cascadia Innovation Corridor to develop new cross-border partnerships and position the area as a global technology hub. Learn more here:

Cascadia Innovation Corridor Highlights

2 weeks ago
By focusing on research, economic development, and transportation, the Cascadia Innovation Corridor is enhancing greater connectivity, productivity and innovation for the nearly 12 million people living in British Columbia and Washington State. Learn more at:

Introducing ARCore: Augmented Reality at Android Scale (GDD Europe ’17)

3 weeks ago
ARCore is Google’s new Android SDK that brings Augmented Reality capabilities to millions of mobile devices. In this video, Tom Slater introduces the main concepts of ARCore, walks through building your first AR app, and explains how to make the most of the ARCore SDK. Check out the ‘All Sessions’ playlist for the rest of […]

The animated guide to mixed reality (Explanimators: Episode 3)

2 months ago
Virtual reality. Mixed reality. Augmented reality. What’s the difference? How will blending the physical and digital worlds empower you to do things that were previously impossible? And most importantly, how will all this affect our pants?

Unite Europe 2017 – Making a business case for HoloLens: dev & sales

3 months ago
This talk bridges best practices for both HoloLens development on the Unity platform, based on practical experience and work done with Microsoft, to the business case for using HoloLens, from writing a finance proposal to real-world use with clients. Gain practical tips for getting started in HoloLens development with Unity, through to best practices for […]

Unite Europe 2017 – VR and AR applications in car development

3 months ago
Virtual Engineering Lab (VEL) at Volkswagen AG builds tailor-made VR/AR solutions for engineers, designers and stylists involved in the process of car development. In this talk, they share insight into the car development process and how they push Unity, VR HMDs and HoloLens to the limit in order to replace or augment physical mock-ups of […]

Vision 2017 – XR Around the World Snapshot

4 months ago
Hear what XR development communities are like in Colombia, Europe, and China. Speakers: Eddie Lou – Sandman Studios Daniel Rojas Roa – 3GO Video Kinga Smith – Reverse Engineering Studios Inc.

Microsoft EDU Event Highlights

5 months ago
Check out the highlights from the Microsoft Education event on May 2nd. Introducing exciting new additions to Microsoft Education, announcing Windows 10 S, plus the new Microsoft Surface Laptop.
The Developer Show (TL;DR 052)

The Developer Show (TL;DR 052)

9 months ago
Links: Start building Actions on Google: Playtime 2016 Sessions: Sustainable growth: Augmented reality: Firebase Crash Reporting: Embedding Projector: DeepMind Lab: No-Nonsense Guide to Native Ads: Reach more shoppers this January: Google Cloud Client Libraries: Regional Managed Instance Groups: Highlights: Google Assistant, Augmented Reality, Machine […]
WinHEC Keynote 2016 – Device Innovation Opportunities in Mixed Reality, Gaming and Cellular PCs

WinHEC Keynote 2016 – Device Innovation Opportunities in Mixed Reality, Gaming and Cellular PCs

10 months ago
At the 2016 Windows Hardware Engineering Community event (WinHEC) in Shenzhen, China, Microsoft joined its partners and hardware engineering creators from around the world to talk about their vision for building the next generation of modern PCs supporting mixed reality, gaming and more; to make mixed reality mainstream; and to introduce always-connected, more power efficient cellular […]
Playtime 2016 – Fireside chat – Wayfair & Pokemon GO on augmented reality

Playtime 2016 – Fireside chat – Wayfair & Pokemon GO on augmented reality

10 months ago
Augmented reality offers the opportunity to engage users in ways never seen before. In this fireside chat, Wayfair and Niantic discuss developing for augmented reality and what they’re doing to keep the momentum going.