Amazon Solar Farms US East

2 days ago
Learn more about AWS & Sustainability here: Learn more about how Amazon Solar Farms US East are helping AWS achieve its goal of 100% renewable energy usage for our global infrastructure footprint.

Financial Times: Gamifying AWS Cost Optimization

2 days ago
Learn more – Greg Cope, Head of Platform Architecture and Security, explains how the team at Financial Times used Cloudhealth, Lambda and shared dashboards to encourage the adoption of Amazon Linux and gamify cost optimization. It’s the Thames meets the Silicon Valley on this episode of This is My Architecture.

Building Analytic Apps for SaaS: “Analytics as a Service”

4 days ago
Learn more – TIBCO Jaspersoft® for AWS is a business intelligence suite that helps you deliver stunning interactive reports and dashboards inside your app that make it easy for your customers to get answers. Purpose-built for AWS, our reporting and analytics server quickly and easily connects to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Redshift, and […]

Eseye: The AWS IoT Circle of Life

5 days ago
Learn more – You want secure communication to a device in the field, but how do you make that first connection without touching the device? Ian Marsden, CTO of Eseye, shares how they built AnyNet Secure IoT to solve this problem. Eseye leveraged the AWS IoT and the mobile networks they operate to design […]

AWS re:Invent 2016: Transforming Industrial Processes with Deep Learning (MAC301)

1 week ago
Deep learning has revolutionized computer vision by significantly increasing the accuracy of recognition systems.  This session will discuss how the Amazon Fulfillment Technologies Computer Vision Research team has harnessed deep learning to identify inventory defects in Amazon’s warehouses.  Beginning with a brief overview of how orders on are fulfilled, the talk will describe a combination of hardware […]

Codefresh uses AWS and StormRunner Load to Reduce Support Cases by 40%

1 week ago
Learn more – Codefresh used to offer less-than-solid availability; it now provides a high-performance platform — and with 40% fewer support cases to handle, staff can now focus on building their platform, working with customers, and growing their business. Located in Mountain View, California, Codefresh is a container platform that accelerates the building, testing, […]

Trainline Achieves Speed of Change and Flexibility by Moving to AWS

1 week ago
Learn more – Trainline maintained high-speed growth during a year-long migration to AWS, while improving agility, security, and availability. By transitioning to a microservices model, the development team at Trainline has been able to switch to continuous delivery, and do so four months ahead of target. It has gone from a six-week development cycle […]

San Francisco Fire Department Saves Lives with Social Media

2 weeks ago
Jonathan Baxter of the San Francisco Fire Department uses social media to save lives. Using a social media platform has made his job to get the right message out, to the right people, at the right time, a lot easier.

AWS Customer DVSA Improves Road Safety

2 weeks ago
The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Transport charged with the responsibility for improving road safety in Great Britain. Learn how AWS helps DVSA to achieve their mission.

Coinbase: Security by Consensus with Coinbase GeoEngineer on AWS

2 weeks ago
Learn more – Coinbase is the easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, so security is built into everything they do. In this episode of This is My Architecture, Rob Witoff, Director of Infrastructure at Coinbase, explains how they empower their developers to make changes by requiring consensus to actually make those changes. You’ll […]

Netflix: Multi-Regional Resiliency and Amazon Route 53

2 weeks ago
Learn more – What happens when you need to move 89 million viewers to a different AWS region? Netflix’s infrastructure, built on AWS, makes it possible to be extremely resilient, even when you’re running services in many AWS Regions simultaneously. In this episode of This is My Architecture, Coburn Watson, Director of Performance and […]
AWS Config/EC2 Systems Manager Integration

AWS Config/EC2 Systems Manager Integration

1 month ago
Learn more about Amazon EC2 here – Taylor Anderson demonstrates EC2 and Config integration that allows users to see historical configuration data about their EC2 instances.