How Datadog is using AWS and PagerDuty to Keep Pace with Growth and Improve Incident Resolution

2 days ago
Learn more at Meeting the demands of ever changing IT management and security requirements means evolving both how you respond to and resolve incidents. It’s critical for organizations to adopt a scalable DevOps solution that integrates with their current monitoring systems to enable collaboration across development and operations teams, reducing the mean time to […]

AWS VPC & Subnets | Amazon Web Services BASICS

2 days ago
AWS uses VPCs to … to what? This video explains the idea behind VPCs, Subnets and how everything is connected. Want to learn AWS Serverless apps? Dive into my complete introduction for only $13: More about AWS VPC: Understand CIDR: CIDR Binary Calculator: Other useful AWS Articles: – Getting Started: […]

Amazon (AWS) QuickSight – What’s that?

5 days ago
In Max’ videos you already learned a lot about AWS. Let’s now take a look at the Business Intelligence tool that is offered to analyze and visualize our data. Early Bird – Join my “Amazon (AWS) QuickSight – Getting Started” course at Udemy for only $10: Create your QuickSight account: Download the source […]

Fast, Secure Deployments with Docker on AWS

6 days ago
Learn more at – Today, it is critical that IT teams are able to easily, consistently deploy to production. Running Docker containers on Amazon Web Services makes it possible to engineer a compliant and DevOps-friendly environment from the ground up. Spring Venture Group successfully migrated to AWS with Docker containers and leveraged Logicworks to […]

Keeping Security In-Step with your Application Demand Curve

6 days ago
Learn more at – Protecting dynamically scaled cloud compute resources can be challenging, especially for organizations that lack the time or money it takes to maintain dynamic security. Fortinet’s auto scaling security solution addresses this issue by providing the resources to help with deployment in order to optimize organizations’ AWS networks. Join the upcoming […]

EC2 for Humans | Amazon Web Services BASICS

6 days ago
AWS EC2 is one of the most important services AWS offers. Getting started with it can be simple and hard at the same time. With this video, we’ll focus on the simple part. And make the hard part simple, too. Want to learn AWS Serverless apps? Dive into my complete introduction for only $13: […]

The Cloud and Global Policy Solutions: Policy as a Strategic Enabler for Cloud Adoption

7 days ago
Join this session and listen in on this panel discussion on how cloud-based technology-led initiatives are helping transform policy, while organizations are influencing policy decisions in countries using funding mechanisms, leading to adoption of technology solutions. Public sector organizations and policymakers will leave with an understanding of how nonprofits and NGOs are leveraging cloud services […]

HIPAA/HITRUST – Account Governance Strategies (119682)

7 days ago
Highly regulated workloads, like those that are HIPAA or HITRUST based, can be created using native tools on AWS, but how do we manage them after they’ve been made? This session will review governance and compliance designs for a regulated workload, like HIPAA or HITRUST, and demonstrate how you can better validate and document your […]

Barracuda, AWS & Securosis: Application Security for the Cloud

1 week ago
Learn more about AWS at – Ready to innovate on AWS, but want security that’s just as agile? In this webinar AWS, Barracuda Networks, and Securosis will show you leading-edge application security techniques for creating secure application environments, embedding security into continuous deployment, and scaling security to perfectly fit your operations. You will see […]

We Power Tech: Building an Inclusive Tech Workforce (119714)

1 week ago
Decades of research shows that inclusive and diverse teams produce better business results. How do we prioritize inclusion in technical teams? What can leaders do – from cultivating the pipeline, to hiring, to internal strategies – to make the future of tech more diverse and inclusive? Join a panel of expert technical leaders to explore […]

Elastic Beanstalk Features & Config | Amazon Web Services BASICS

1 week ago
Elastic Beanstalk is a great service to get your web application into the web. It can be intimidating if you look at all the config items and its features though. This video helps you through the jungle of configurations and explains how you can start and grow with Elastic Beanstalk. Dive into the EB CLI: […]

Hybrid as a Stepping Stone: It’s Not All or Nothing for Your Cloud Transformation Journey (125086)

2 weeks ago
The implementation of highly scalable, easy-to-deploy technology is transforming the public sector, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Organizations begin their cloud adoption journeys in many ways. Some start with pilot projects and others jump into mission critical programs, but they are all starting with an existing infrastructure. Adopting cloud doesn’t mean scrapping it all […]