AWS | Big Data | Athena Project | S3 Cloud Storage

1 month ago
Time to start our project with the basics – We need to store our source data. Therefore, we have to understand AWS’ cloud storage S3, so let’s take a closer look at it in this video. ———- Amazon S3: Download the source files: Amazon S3 – Pricing: AWS Free Usage Tier: […]

Introducing Lambda@Edge

1 month ago
With Lambda@Edge, you can run code closer to your end users without provisioning or managing servers. This new AWS Lambda feature lets you run Node.js functions at any AWS edge locations, allowing you to deliver richer, more personalized content with low latency to your customers. Learn more about Lambda@Edge here:

How Retail Insights, LLC Used Alert Logic to Meet Compliance Mandates and Enhance Security on AWS

1 month ago
Learn more at – Retail Insights, LLC lacked sufficient visibility into their AWS environment and were relying on third party developers to build their web applications. To gain a better understanding of their security posture, they sought out a security solution that would provide total visibility into their apps and environment. Additionally, a new […]

KCOM Uses Enterprise Support to Reduce Risk for Customers

1 month ago
Learn more about AWS Support at – KCOM provides IT and communications services to enterprises in the UK, specializing in consultancy development and managed services for companies that are moving to the cloud. KCOM, an AWS Enterprise Support customer, uses Infrastructure Event Management to help resolve technical issues quickly and easily. By using Enterprise […]

Mapbox Uses AWS to Successfully Launch New Customers

1 month ago
Learn more about delivering content using AWS – Mapbox is an open-source mapping platform that helps users design and publish custom maps quickly, enabling its users to pin travel spots on Pinterest, find restaurants on Foursquare, and visualize data on GitHub. The company, which runs its production environment on AWS, has been on the […]

AWS | Big Data | Athena Project | Introduction

1 month ago
With Athena, Amazon Web Services offers a great tool to query big data directly from your files stored in S3. Let’s start a project and understand how Athena works! ———- LINKS / SOURCE FILES ———- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • You can also find us on Facebook.( • Or visit our […]

Introduction to Target Tracking Scaling Policies for Auto Scaling – Dynamic Scaling on AWS

1 month ago
Target tracking scaling policies for Auto Scaling makes it easy to set up dynamic scaling for your application based on a target load metric in just a few simple steps. Learn more –

Sixgill Increases System Performance by Hundreds of Percent Using ScaleArc and AWS Marketplace

1 month ago
Learn more about AWS Marketplace at – By using AWS and ScaleArc to power its sensor ingestion services, Sixgill is able to analyze and process on average 3 TB of sensor data per day from 50 million devices. Sixgill provides a complete platform-as-a-service solution that enables unified ingestion and processing of sensor data for […]

AWS Training | Architecting A Website In 45 Minutes | AWS Tutorial | Edureka Live

1 month ago
In this Edureka youtube live session, we will show you how to architect a website using the various AWS Services Below are the topics we will cover in this live session: 1. Use Case: Problem Statement and Architecture 2. AWS Services 3. Demo: Architecting in AWS #awstraining #cloudcomputing #awstutorial How it Works? 1. This is […]

AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory Now Supports Additional Domain Controllers

1 month ago
You can now scale out your directory managed by AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory by deploying additional domain controllers. Deploying additional domain controllers helps to improve the performance of your managed directory and support a greater number of Active Directory requests from your AWS Cloud workloads. Learn more at

Using AWS, Lookout Quickly Brings New Capabilities to its 100 Million Users

1 month ago
Learn more – Lookout migrated its entire workload from its data centers and into the AWS cloud, bringing its 100 million users new capabilities faster and with greater efficiency. Lookout is a San Francisco-based mobile-security company. Using services such as Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora, Lookout is able to shift its focus away from […]

Live Coding with AWS: Recognizing Celebrities with Rekognition

2 months ago
Live Coding with AWS explores cloud computing topics and AWS services from the developer’s perspective. Each episode will explore deep-dive, technical content to build everything from serverless web apps to machine learning models. For more information, visit