Microsoft Driving Digital Transformation in Health Event Keynote

1 week ago
Dr Simon Kos, Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft takes us through Microsoft’s vision for driving digital transformation in health. 

Using Kubernetes with Azure Container Instances

2 weeks ago
Brendan Burns joins Donovan Brown to discuss the use of Kubernetes with Azure Container Instances. The Azure Container Instances Connector for Kubernetes allows Kubernetes clusters to deploy Azure Container Instances, which enables on-demand and nearly instantaneous container compute, orchestrated by Kubernetes, without having VM infrastructure to manage and while still leveraging the portable Kubernetes API. […]

Azure Container Instances

2 weeks ago
Sean McKenna joins Donovan Brown to talk about the newest service in Azure, Azure Container Instances. Azure Container Instances makes it possible to run Linux and Windows containers directly on Azure infrastructure, without setting up and managing VMs and without adopting a higher-level service. See how easy it is to create and manage containers with the […]

Using Azure Container Instances

2 weeks ago
With Azure Container Instances, you can create containers in the cloud in seconds. In this video, Mark Whitby, Azure Cloud Solution Architect, demonstrates three scenarios: how to create a single container with an image pulled from Docker’s public repository; how to create a new Docker image and upload to a private Azure Container Registry and then […]

Smart Cities

2 weeks ago
The primary source of water for Bangalore is the Cauvery river, which is located about 100 kilometers from the city. Given that the monsoon is not always dependable, it is critical to maximize the efficiency of distribution of water from the source, and avoid depletion of the ground water table level. A key challenge in […]

Microsoft Mechanics: Build apps faster with Azure Serverless

2 weeks ago
In this Microsoft Mechanics episode, Matt McSpirit and Jeff Hollan discuss how you can use Azure serverless offerings to build and deploy elastic-scale, cost-efficient apps using Azure Functions and Logic Apps. You’ll see how adopting a serverless compute approach removes the need to worry about hardware resources and the operational complexity of running applications.

Tuesdays with Corey – Azure Container Instances

2 weeks ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Sean McKenna, Principal PM responsible for the newly launched Azure Container Instances.  Check out: QuickStart: Get your First Azure Container Instance up and running Blog Post: Corey announcing ACI Post any questions, topic ideas or general conversation here in the comments OR […]

Connecting On-premises Hadoop to Azure Data Lake Store

2 weeks ago
This week’s Data Exposed show welcomes Cathy Palmer into the Channel 9 studio to show how to connect an on-premises Hadoop cluster to Azure Data Lake Store in 3 easy steps! [01:38] – Azure Data Lake Store at a Glance [04:50] – Find out More… [06:00] – Demo Overview and DEMO!

Function Junction Ep4: Storage Queue Triggers

2 weeks ago
Storage Queues are one of the original services on Azure from way back in the day. They continue to be a great offering and now, with a function trigger, they become even more powerful. In this episode, we’ll set up a storage queue and trigger a function from it. 

Function Junction Ep 3: HTTP Triggers

2 weeks ago
Finally, we get to HTTP triggers and see how they can be used to create a very simple CRUD application on top of Functions and Cosmos DB.

ASP.NET Monsters #102: Structured Logging with Application Insights

2 weeks ago
In this episode, we’ll explore how to hook up Application Insights to your ASP.NET Core application using the really excellent Serilog.   Serilog – structured logging for .NET Seq – structured log searching Application Insights Serilog sink Serilog connector for .NET Core Logging

TWC9: Bug Bounty, Fast and Easy Containers, Edge Summit, We Still Love MS Paint and more…

3 weeks ago
This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Christina Warren and Beth Pan discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:21] Beth Pan [00:30] Christina Warren [00:38] Microsoft Bounty Programs [01:11] Fast and Easy Containers: Azure Container Instances [Corey Sanders] [01:48] Register now for Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 [Kyle Pflug] [02:15] New Extensions for Visual […]