Synonyms in Azure Search

1 month ago
Back by popular demand is a man who needs no introduction (but we’ll give him one anyway) is Liam Cavanagh, Principal PM in Azure Search. In this very quick but awesome demo Liam shows off the new Synonym capabilities in Azure Search. No slides, just pure demo, Liam shows off how Azure Search has implemented […]

UFA creates archive on demand based on Microsoft Azure

1 month ago
UFA is consolidating the archive and distribution production stages on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With this, the UFA archive will now be available on-demand on all platforms. The vision is to switch the entire production process – from filming to playout – to the cloud. To learn more visit:

Custom Image Factory with Azure DevTest Labs

1 month ago
What is an image factory? How can it help get VMs ready faster? Simply speaking, An image factory is a configuration-as-code solution that builds and distributes images automatically on a regular basis with all the desired configurations baked in. The images in the image factory are always up-to-date, and the ongoing maintenance is almost zero […]

Microsoft Networking Academy 04/14/2017

1 month ago
Topics on this episode: [00:00] Short Intro [01:15] Deep dive on Azure Traffic Manager [39:40] Q&A

Episode 227: Team Data Science Process

1 month ago
In this episode of the ML mini series, we are introducing Microsoft Team Data Science Process, a process to improve the productivity of the data science organizations of enterprises, and demonstrating an open-source data science utility, named Interactive Data Exploration, Analysis, and Reporting, developed by Microsoft. We are trying to answer the following questions:  [02:22] […]

Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

1 month ago
Nitika Gupta joins Scott Hanselman to talk about and demo Azure AD Identity Protection, which uses technologies and machine learning capabilities that Microsoft uses to help protect Microsoft Account identities. If you’re using Azure AD Premium, you’re just one step away from including these protections for your Azure AD accounts.

Marc Jacobs modernizes its back office in high style

1 month ago
In the fast-paced world of fashion design, everything depends on the ability to act on a flash of inspiration. For renowned fashion house Marc Jacobs, this requires access to products, services and talent from around the globe—and the management of a complex supply chain. When Marc Jacobs turned to the cloud-based AP invoice automation solution […]

The network is a living organism

1 month ago
At Microsoft, we build and manage a hyper-scale global network that’s constantly growing and evolving. Supporting workloads such as Microsoft Azure, Bing, Dynamics, Office 365, OneDrive, Skype, Xbox—and soon, LinkedIn—has stringent needs of reliability, security, and performance. Such needs make it imperative to continually monitor the pulse of the network, to detect anomalies, faults, and […]

Keynote: Container Networking – Albert Greenberg, CVP, Microsoft Azure Networking

1 month ago
Keynote: Container Networking – Albert Greenberg, CVP, Microsoft Azure Networking About Albert Greenberg CVP for Microsoft Azure Networking, leading software and hardware development and engineering for all Microsoft Azure, including all Microsoft first and third parties, and encompassing physical data center, regional and wide area networking, host networking datapath, virtual networking, virtual appliances, hybrid networking, […]

Tuesdays with Cory: Azure Functions Proxies extravaganza

1 month ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team invited Azure Functions Aficionado Donna Malayeri to come back on the show to talk about Azure Functions Proxies!   Check out: Proxies sample app from video: Blog post: Azure Functions Proxies public preview Documentation: Working with Azure Functions Proxies (preview) Technical Case study: […]

Episode 146: Mobile Center with Simina Pasat and Karl Piteira

1 month ago
We talk with Simina Pasat and Karl Piteira about Mobile Center. Our favorite new features in the creators update. And the new Xbox Scorpio makes the Playstation 4 Pro look like a kids toy. Subscribe in any podcast app by searching for "ms dev show"   Subscribe on YouTube ➥: Watch on Channel 9 […]

Microsoft and Intel Collaborate to Deliver Cloud for All

2 months ago
Enabled through the Intel Cloud For All Initiative, Microsoft and Intel are working together to deliver private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions for customers. Integrating Intel Xeon processors and Microsoft’s latest Windows server technologies provides customers with valuable reference platforms and solutions that they can easily deploy. Also, through collaboration with Intel and Altera on […]