Introducing AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Policy Summaries

15 hours ago
Introducing AWS IAM policy summaries. IAM policy summaries enable you to view the permissions that are granted through your IAM policies without reviewing and parsing JSON policy documents. The new IAM policy summaries provide you a simple-to-read table of the services, access levels, resources, and conditions that are defined in each of your IAM policies. […]

AWS Transformation Day Keynote – 23 May 2017

18 hours ago
Keynote presentation featuring Paul Misener, VP Innovation at Amazon. Learn about how Amazon, as an organisation, is keeping innovation on top of everyday’s agenda. Listen to Royal Friesland Campina (RFC) and Bynder on how they changed their IT strategy and the way they operate internally to be able to truly innovate. Learn more about AWS […]

Cloud at Microsoft (IT Expert roundtable May 2017)

1 day ago
IT Showcase brought together IT Experts from our Cloud at Microsoft course to answer your questions about how Microsoft IT designs, develops, implements, and monitors cloud solutions at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss infrastructure as code, Azure security, and strategies for migrating applications, cloud adoption challenges, Azure architecture, data management in Azure, and much […]

Calypso Cloud Services – Oracle’s Data Management Cloud

2 days ago
Calypso Technology, a leading provider of capital markets and investment management software, discusses how the company’s cloud offerings are based on the Oracle Cloud Platform. Calypso’s application is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Cirrus One Dedicated to Providing Oracle CPQ Cloud Services

2 days ago
Cirrus One is focused on customer experience and delivery. Offering a full array of Oracle CPQ Cloud services, Cirrus One solutions range from implementation and advisory to ongoing support.

Better Azure VM Resiliency with Managed Disks

2 days ago
Managed Disks are an exciting new feature from Azure, designed to help with the availability, manageability, scalability, and performance of virtual machine disks storage within Azure.  This video walks you through the resiliency advantages of using Managed Disks and then gives you an overview of how to migrate your existing VMs to Managed Disks. 

Yuanta Securities Korea Uses AWS for Financial Modeling

3 days ago
Learn more – Yuanta Securities Korea benefits from increased speeds and lower costs by running their financial models on AWS to assess market risk and make trading decisions. Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd. provides securities dealing, underwriting and brokerage services. The company is currently experimenting with AWS in areas such as sales, engineering, and […]

Introducing Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Server-side Encryption – Messaging on AWS

3 days ago
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully-managed message queuing service for reliably communicating among distributed software components and microservices – at any scale. Amazon SQS makes it simple to decouple and scale applications. Learn more about Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) at –

Tuesdays with Corey – Azure Cloud Shell demo (AzureCLI + Powershell)

3 days ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team recaps some of the cool technologies and announcements recently discussed at Microsoft Build.  In this episode Corey talks (and Demos) the coolness of Azure Cloud Shell (in both AzureCLI and PowerShell versions).  Azure Cloud Shell Docs -> Product page -> Cloud […]

Building Search Apps with Azure Search and AzSearch.js

3 days ago
What? An Azure Search video that doesn’t have Liam Cavanaugh in it? Hey, that’s ok, because in the Studio today is someone equally as awesome, Evan Boyle, a Software Engineer on the Azure Search team. Evan is in the studio today to show off AzSearch.js, a JavaScript library that makes incorporating and building Azure Search […]

Cummins Transforms Talent Management with Oracle HCM Cloud

4 days ago
Fabio Fukuda, Director, Global HRIS and Business Intelligence, shares how Cummins, a manufacturer of diesel engines simplified a diverse HR technology footprint, reduced long and manual processes with Oracle Talent Management Cloud and HR Analytics.

Google I/O 2017 Highlights

4 days ago
Google I/O 2017, our annual developer conference, gathered 7,200+ developers from around the world at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Attendees enjoyed a 3 day festival with technical Sessions, Office Hours, Codelabs, Sandbox Demos, App Reviews, an After Hours Block Party, and a Concert by LCD Soundsystem — making the best use of the […]