Lighting up network innovation

1 day ago
Driving up network speed, reducing cost, saving power, expanding capacity, and automating management become crucial when you run one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures.    

Creating an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance

2 days ago
This video shows you how to create–or “provision”–an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance by using the Java Cloud Service console. For more information, see the documentation at Please note that Oracle develops its cloud services in an agile manner and makes rapid changes to meet our users’ needs. Therefore this video might not reflect […]

Java Microservices MOOC: 3-5 Creating a Build Job Demo

2 days ago
In this demo, you learn how to create a build job on Oracle Developer Cloud Service. Once the job is created, it can be used to automate builds for your project. ================================= To improve the video quality, click the gear icon and set the Quality to 1080p/720p HD. For more information, see Copyright © […]

Achieve the Ultimate CX Performance

2 days ago
Modern customers are in control. To win long-term loyalty, it’s imperative for businesses to digitally transform to keep up with rising demands and deliver personalized, connected experiences that delight customers at every touch point.

Managing and optimizing resources for cloud computing at Microsoft

3 days ago
Host Lyle Dodge chats with Pete Apple, Principal Service Engineer, and Rick Ochs, Senior Service Engineer, to learn how Microsoft IT understands our cloud investment and how we implemented cloud resource management and cost optimization strategies. Listen in as they discuss the tools and processes that we built on our journey to an efficient cloud […]

Behind the Scenes: How Chefs for Seniors uses Xamarin, HockeyApp & Azure App Service to Power its Daily Operations

3 days ago
Chefs For Seniors provides personalized in-home meal preparation for senior citizens on a weekly basis that aligns with dietary restrictions. The service includes grocery shopping, help with meal selection, in-home cooking, and companionship during meal prep. Currently, the chefs at Chefs For Seniors handle their planning and operations by carrying large binders with them to […]

Episode 143: Visual Studio 2017 with Amanda Silver

4 days ago
We talk with Amanda Silver about the massive Visual Studio 2017 release. Background tabs in your browser might start using less power. And did I mention how awesome VS 2017 is turning out to be?   Subscribe in any podcast app by searching for "ms dev show"   Subscribe on YouTube ➥: Watch on […]

IBM, HyTrust, and Intel help ensure cloud security and data compliance

4 days ago
Learn more at IBM is proud to announce IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization, which is focused on addressing the concerns of security and compliance for enterprises. Created on single-tenant IBM Bluemix bare-metal servers on IBM Cloud, it is the first cloud offering to leverage HyTrust and Intel TXT security technologies to solve for compliance by […]

Building a Web App Using Bluemix CLI Dev Plugin

6 days ago
Try Cloud Native Development on Bluemix! IBM Bluemix makes cloud and mobile app developers more productive in building cognitive apps. This video shows how to use the Bluemix CLI Dev plugin to create a web app that connects to App ID authentication service.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect | AWS Tutorial | AWS Training | AWS Certification | Edureka

6 days ago
This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Video shall take you through the journey to become a Solution Architect. It includes an interesting use case with a demo, which you will learn to design from scratch. Also, it discusses the exam preparation of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Video is ideal for […]

The Developer Show (Cloud NEXT)

7 days ago
We’ll be back next week with a new TL;DR, but in the meantime, Timothy Jordan picked out some of his favorite keynote sessions, sandboxes, and interviews from Google Cloud NEXT. Highlights: Machine Learning, Vint Cerf & Marc Andreessen, Google Cloud Functions Cloud Next Keynote Livestream Pre-Shows Day 1: Day 2: Keynote highlights Day […]

Bitnami Launchpad for Open Telekom Cloud

7 days ago
How to launch Bitnami’s open source applications using the Bitnami Launchpad for Open Telekom Cloud.