Google I/O Schedule, TLS in Android P, Chrome 67 DevTools, & More! – TL;DR 108

18 hours ago
Google I/O 2018 schedule update → Protecting users with TLS by default in Android P → What’s New In DevTools: Chrome 67 → Kayenta: Automated canary analysis → Cloud Endpoints: A new way to manage API configuration rollout → Version history support for Cloud Firestore Security Rules → Time […]

Swimming with Plankton

2 days ago
Did you know that plankton–yes, plankton–provide 2/3 of our oxygen, but they’re in decline? IBM Researchers are using specially developed microscopes, artificial intelligence, and the cloud to help tackle this problem, because life on earth depends on it. Watch to learn more.

Scaling FICO Customer Communication Services with Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech

2 days ago
Learn more about Amazon Polly at – FICO Customer Communication Services (CSS) team focuses on providing automated voice, text and email communications to help organizations with fraud detection and customer service. Learn how they use Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech to power a range of voice applications to improve the customer experience.

Retry logic in device SDKs for Azure IoT Hub

3 days ago
One critical aspect of IoT applications is the connectivity of devices. That connection between IoT devices and the rest of the world might not always be there, and when it is, it might not be of the outmost quality. Code running on devices have to take this into account. Pierre Cauchois, Lead developer on the […]

Continuous integration and deployment using Azure Data Factory

3 days ago
Gaurav Malhotra joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how you can follow industry-leading best practices to do continuous integration and deployment for your Extract Transform/Load (ETL) and Extract Load/Transform (ELT) workflows to multiple environments such as Dev, Test, Prod, and more. For more information: Continuous integration and deployment using Data Factory (Azure blog) Continuous integration and […]

Addressing Infrastructure Cyber Threats

4 days ago
Prakash Ramamurthy, SVP & GM of Systems Management & Security at Oracle, discusses how Oracle addresses your infrastructure security.

Transform Your Organization with Real Real-Time Monitoring

6 days ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – Acquia, a Drupal web experience provider, faced a common growing pain: with its expanding customer base and AWS workloads came numerous monitoring systems and scattered data from disparate sources and teams. The company knew it needed better insight into its customers’ resources and quicker […]

Startups With No Limits: Supporting the Heart of Innovation

7 days ago
Startups are the heart and future of innovation. Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator provides enriching, collaborative partnerships to enable next-generation growth and drive cloud-based innovation for startups throughout all stages of their journey.

AWS Summit SF 2018: IoT Building Blocks: From Edge Devices to Analytics in the Cloud (SRV304)

1 week ago
AWS IoT is a set of fully managed services spanning the edge to the cloud that enables you to sense and act locally on devices, store data and manage devices in the cloud, and perform sophisticated analytics to derive useful insights. In this session, we explore features and functions of AWS IoT services. First, we […]

TensorFlow Dev Summit, D8 dexer in Android Studio 3.1, MobileNetV2 & more! – TL;DR 107

1 week ago
TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018 → Android Studio → Google Fonts Korean support → MobileNetV2 → Cloud Functions for Firebase v1.0 → Kubernetes Engine from GitLab → VPC Flow Logs → This week’s TL;DR is led by Google Developer Advocate Reto Meier. TL;DR is where you can stay up […]

Common design patterns with Azure Cosmos DB

1 week ago
Aravind Krishna stops by to chat with Scott Hanselman and take a look at common design patterns for building highly scalable solutions with Azure Cosmos DB. We will talk a little bit about modeling data and how to choose an appropriate partition key. We then look at a few patterns like event sourcing, time series […]

Azure Active Directory B2C Authentication For Mobile with Matthew Soucoup

1 week ago
This week, James is joined yet again by friend of the show Sr Cloud Developer Advocate Matt Soucoup, who shows us how to take the pain out of adding user accounts to your apps with Azure AD B2C. He tells us what that acronym stands for, walks us through the Azure portal to setup an […]