Office Depot Makes the Case for Cloud with Oracle Insight

1 day ago
As Office Depot UK looked to modernize its IT infrastructure they turned to Oracle’s complementary Insight program to help understand the ROI, which modules to implement and the business case for the transition to cloud.

Intralot Finds a Single Version of Truth with Sales Cloud

1 day ago
Lefteris Kororos, Group Director of Engineering at Intralot, discusses the robust character of Oracle Sales Cloud solution.

The Developer Show (TL;DR 075)

1 day ago
How Google Cloud is transforming Japanese businesses: NEXT ‘17 Rewind playlist: The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts. Have a question? Use #AskDevShow to let us know! Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel for more DevShow!

Abby Kearns on the Future of Cloud Foundry

1 day ago
Cloud Foundry Foundation executive director Abby Kearns sits down with Todd Moore, IBM vice president, Open Technology, to discuss some of the ways Cloud Foundry is evolving.

Behind the Scenes: Improving Operational Insight using Azure IoT for the Emirates Air Line Cable Car

2 days ago
The Emirates Air Line cable car is a 1.5-km crossing of the Thames in London, with 32 cabins bridging the North Greenwich peninsula and Royal Victoria docks. The owners, Transport for London, and the operators, Mace Macro, wanted to explore potential solutions that would improve the capabilities and operations of their cable car cabins. Join […]

Amazon (AWS) QuickSight – What’s that?

2 days ago
In Max’ videos you already learned a lot about AWS. Let’s now take a look at the Business Intelligence tool that is offered to analyze and visualize our data. Early Bird – Join my “Amazon (AWS) QuickSight – Getting Started” course at Udemy for only $10: Create your QuickSight account: Download the source […]

Fast, Secure Deployments with Docker on AWS

2 days ago
Learn more at – Today, it is critical that IT teams are able to easily, consistently deploy to production. Running Docker containers on Amazon Web Services makes it possible to engineer a compliant and DevOps-friendly environment from the ground up. Spring Venture Group successfully migrated to AWS with Docker containers and leveraged Logicworks to […]

Introducing Azure Cosmos DB

2 days ago
Kirill Gavrylyuk stops by Azure Friday to talk Cosmos DB with Scott Hanselman. Watch quick overview of the industry’s first globally distributed multi-model database service followed by a demo of moving an existing MongoDB app to Cosmos DB with a single config change. For more information, see: Azure Cosmos DB. Follow @SHanselman Follow @KirillG_MSFT Follow […]

Cloud, Cognitive and Integration for Today’s Digital Economy

2 days ago
With the shift to cloud and APIs becoming more sophisticated, businesses are looking to get more out of their information Getting the right information and gaining insights from the data–no matter where the data lives–is driving a strong need to have an API strategy in place to support business growth. An API strategy puts […]

Introducing IBM Cloud Product Insights

2 days ago
IBM Cloud Product Insights enhances the way on-premise software products are managed and tracked. Find out more: Using cloud based dashboards, Administrators and Operations Staff can register and track deployed instances along with gaining insights into the usage metrics. They can then take advantage of advice to help optimize and improve overall software use […]

Oracle Developer Cloud Service: Getting Started with Creating Projects (German)

3 days ago
Unser Projekterstellungsvideo ist ideal für alle, die sich näher über die Plattform informieren möchten. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie in der Anwendungsentwicklung Ressourcen und Projektinformationen mehreren Beteiligten zugänglich machen. Als Nächstes erfahren Sie, wie Sie Datenschutzeinstellungen überwachen und unterschiedlichen Personen genau festgelegte Rollen zuweisen – und damit das Projektmanagement enorm vereinfachen. ================================= To improve the […]

Top online retailer bets on Azure to provide a stellar experience for 13 million customers worldwide

4 days ago
ASOS, a leading online fashion retailer, transformed its platform from a monolithic, on-premises e-commerce system to a microservices platform running on Microsoft Azure.