Episode 466: Heather Downing on Alexa, Web API, and Azure

4 days ago
Heather Downing describes how she was able to call a Web API app hosted in Microsoft Azure from an Alexa service, so that it can be called from an Amazon Echo. Not only does it integrate services from competing vendors, but it is simple enough that her mother can use it.

Azure Marketplace

5 days ago
Vybava Ramadoss joins Scott Hanselman to share the new interactive experience for the Azure Marketplace, which makes it easier to navigate the product catalog and find the right solution for your cloud application. Marketplace provides a rich catalog of thousands of products and solutions that range from open source and community software to enterprise applications […]

Abby Kearns talks about the developer engagement focus in the Cloud Foundry

5 days ago
Abby Kearns, Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation, talks about the developer engagement focus in the Cloud Foundry and the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit. Learn more at

Gain visibility of product usage on cloud

5 days ago
IBM Cloud Product Insights gives clients with heavy investment in middleware a pathway to more success with hybrid environments. Insights on how systems are performing and being utilized produce cognitive recommendations for optimizing performance & accelerating adoption. Learn more here:

Leveraging high speed file transfer in the cloud

5 days ago
Companies are leveraging Aspera’s high-speed file transfer in many ways, often as infrastructure and storage as a service. More specialized use cases involve media companies transcoding in the cloud, academic and medical researchers executing high-performance computing, and engineering firms developing applications directly for the cloud. Learn more:

Benefits of process automation on cloud

5 days ago
Cloud technology enables an easy start to Business Process Management and Operational Decision Management projects without setting up infrastructure. Focus on your organization’s skills and expertise and let IBM manage the infrastructure for you:

Using field masks with update requests to Google APIs

5 days ago
In this conclusion of our two-part series on field masks, engineer Wesley Chun shows viewers how to use field masks with update API requests. In the previous episode, you learned that when reading data from an API, field masks can be used as a “partial response” mechanism to control the amount of data that comes […]

Azure Time Series Insights

5 days ago
Azure Time Series Insights is a fully managed cloud service with storage, analytics, and visualization components that make it incredibly easy to ingest, store, explore and analyze billions of events simultaneously. Time Series Insights gives you a global view of your data, letting you quickly validate your IoT Solutions and avoid costly downtime to mission […]

Azure Time Series Insights Overview

5 days ago
Learn about the capabilities Microsoft’s new Azure Time Series Insights service!

AWS Summit Series 2017 – San Francisco: Amazon Rekognition Now Support Automatic Image Moderation

6 days ago
Amazon Rekognition can now detect explicit and suggestive adult content in images, enabling you to protect users from inappropriate content. Beyond flagging an image based on presence of adult content, Image Moderation also returns a hierarchical list of labels with confidence scores. These labels indicate specific categories of adult content, thus providing more granular control […]

AWS Summit Series 2017 – San Francisco: AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts

6 days ago
Simplify SaaS procurement with AWS Marketplace Learn more here –

Craftsy Enjoys Oracle WMS Cloud Functionality

6 days ago
Brady Johnson, Manager of eCommerce at Craftsy, explains how Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud offers all the functionality they need to run an efficient business.