Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: A Discussion with Warfighter Engaged

1 day ago
Warfighter Engaged is a charity the, originally specializing with veterans, helps people with disabilities get back into gaming via custom control set ups. In this panel, comprised of two wounded veteran gamers, an engineer, an occupational therapist and the founder of the charity, they discuss everything from how gaming has been a part of their […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 088)

4 days ago
(THIS IS AN UPDATED VERSION OF AN OLD EPISODE) Resonance Audio: Fast Pair: Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL: GCP Mumbai region: Eager Execution for TensorFlow: Firebase Predictions Beta: The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts. […]

Build a JavaScript breakout game with Phaser: Building for production (14/14)

4 days ago
Want more? Explore the library at Official site Twitter

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Myths and Reasons

7 days ago
Despite what you might think, accessibility is not difficult or expensive and makes a better product for everyone. In this presentation, Ian Hamilton, video game accessibility specialist, provides information on why accessibility is important and immensely impactful for users who require it, how it expands your audience, what you should do to make accessible games, […]

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Friction that Fits

1 week ago
There is no such thing as an "average user." As Bryce Johnson highlights with real world examples, trying to design for the average user can result in unusable products or poor experiences when the someone’s actual abilities interact with your product. This very problem highlights the importance of Inclusive Design. In this talk, you’ll learn […]

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Sightless Kombat

1 week ago
Accessibility Advocate, Youtuber and Blind Gamer Sightless Combat chats with Brannon Zahand about a wide range of topics on the challenges of bling gaming, including; his experiences trying to evangelize at E3, how he got into gaming, the fact that same games are still in mono, how he games, playing Killer Instinct, and what types […]

Made with Unity Latin America 2017 Highlight Reel

1 week ago

2017 Epic MegaJam Results | News | Unreal Engine Livestream

1 week ago
Wow! The team has been cranking away at the record-breaking 279 submissions for this year’s Epic MegaJam. With over 250 qualifying games, we had our work cut out for us to narrow it down to our finalists, as many of the games have been absolutely outstanding. Find out who the winner’s are and watch us […]

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier | Martin Alltimes Developer Interview | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Martin Alltimes, founder and owner of The Imaginati Studios, explains the role that choice plays in producing an emotionally engaging experience within Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, which brings new stories to the universe of the blockbuster films in ways that only a game can with the power of Unreal Engine 4. Planet of […]

Neon Challenge Announcement

2 weeks ago
With $20,000 USD on the line, what futuristic real-time environment scene will you create using the power of Unity and the Asset Store? Take the Neon Challenge:

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier | Andy Serkis Developer Interview | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
The Imaginarium Studios Founder Andy Serkis discusses bringing movie-quality cinematic storytelling to Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier and the role Unreal Engine played from concept to completion. Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier is available now for PlayStation 4. Download Unreal Engine at

2D World building w/ Tilemap & Cinemachine for 2D – Random and Animated Tiles [6/8] Live 2017/22/08

2 weeks ago
Watch this video in context on the official Unity learn pages In this live session we will explore worldbuilding in 2D using Tilemap and 2D Cinemachine. Tilemap makes it fast and easy to create and iterate level design cycles right in Unity, so artists and designers can rapidly prototype when building 2D game worlds. […]