Tetra: Elemental Awakening by Ocean Spark Studios | Rezzed 2017 Developer Interview | Unreal Engine

3 days ago
Join Jess and Zach as they chat about Tetra: Elemental Awakening, a mix of the popular RPG genre together with a wave clearing system. You can find out more about Tetra, and where you can next get hands on at: and head to to download the engine and begin creating your own projects!

EGX Rezzed | 2017 Event Coverage | Unreal Engine

3 days ago
This year at EGX Rezzed we housed the Unreal Engine pavilion where 14 teams using UE4 showcased their amazing projects. With so many fantastic games on offer and over 15,000 eager gamers coming to Rezzed this year, it was a show to remember! You can find out more about the teams in our blog post: […]

News and Community Spotlight May 18th | News | Unreal Engine

4 days ago
News 4.16 Preview 3 – Summer UE4jam – Udemy Course – Robo Recall Localized – Community Spotlight Documentation Auto-Generation tool – Chickens Madness – Photogrammetry Beginner to Advanced Starter Guide –

4.16 Preview Release | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine

7 days ago
Announce Post: 4.16’s release is right around the corner and that means it’s time to preview what you can expect to see in this new update! Engine developers Lina, Josh and Ori will be joining us to discuss what features you can look forward to and why they were implemented.

Vision 2017 – Narrative Design for XR

1 week ago
Speakers: Danny Cannizzaro – Tender Claws Emilie Joly – apelab Amy Stewart – Construct Studio

Episode 30: Game Accessibility Conference with Ian Hamilton

1 week ago
Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Join us as we chat with Ian Hamilton  about the importance of accessibility and the success of the inaugural Game Accessibility Conference. Ian is a UX design and accessibility consultant. We’ll chat about the success of the conference as well as quick ways for you to get started on making […]

Behind the Team – Fitness Performance

1 week ago
During a game, the feet of a footballer can make thousands of different movements and are one of the most important body-parts of the players. To take care of them, Real Madrid podiatrist uses the most innovative technology from other disciplines to find the perfect solution in every case. Learn more about the Real Madrid […]

Vision 2017 – VR Production in Hollywood

1 week ago
Get an inside peak at what some of the giants of Hollywood VR Production are thinking about regarding the business of VR. Ben Grossman – Magnopus Sol Rogers – REWIND Eunice Shin – Manatt Digital

Vision 2017 – XR Around the World Snapshot

1 week ago
Hear what XR development communities are like in Colombia, Europe, and China. Speakers: Eddie Lou – Sandman Studios Daniel Rojas Roa – 3GO Video Kinga Smith – Reverse Engineering Studios Inc.

Getting Started with World Composition | Live Training | Unreal Engine

1 week ago
Announce Post: World Composition is a fantastic tool for handling multiple landscapes, managing massive levels or working on a team of level designers. By popular demand, Andrew Hurley is back after his landscape livestream to explain how to set up and use your own world browser! Join Andrew as he walks you through the […]

Vision 2017 – Improving Your Applications with VRWorks and Ansel

1 week ago
Present VRWorks and Ansel integration into Unity. VRWorks Graphics brings a new level of visual fidelity, performance, and responsiveness to virtual reality through the following features: Multi Resolution Shading, Lens Matched Shading, Single Pass Stereo rendering and VR SLI. Attendees will learn how VRWorks features work and how they can utilize them in their Unity […]

Vision 2017 – Location-based VR: Creating New Entertainment

1 week ago
Two Bit Circus is working to create the “future of fun”. At Vision Summit they took the audience through the work they have done to blend location based experiences with VR. Nancy Bennett – Two Bit Circus Ivan Blaustein – VRstudios Eric Gradman – Two Bit Circus David Morales – X Studios