2 days ago
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The Developer Show (TL;DR 054)

2 days ago
Links: The Google Brain team: Introducing Draco: Google Play Developer Console: Google Cloud Key Management Service: Security talks at Google during the RSA Conference: Introducing insights in the Google My Business API: Enhancements to coursework in the Classroom API: Transition to expanded text ads: Highlights: Google Brain, […]

What’s New in the Android Support Library (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

2 days ago
Compatibility with older versions of Android is a must-have for most applications. Join us as we walk through recent advances in backwards compatibility, explain important changes, and discuss the future of the support libraries.

Chinese Startups, Global Footprint (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

2 days ago
How a comprehensive, one-Google solution helps Chinese startups to go abroad.

Google Summer of Code: Organizations Apply

3 days ago
Open source organizations can apply to participate in Google Summer of Code! Bring fresh contributors into your projects and help grow the open source ecosystem. More information about Google Summer of Code: This video was filmed at the 2016 Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit in Mountain View, CA.

Android Developer Story: Wallapop increases installs with store listing experiments on Google Play

3 days ago
Watch Agus Gomez, Co-Founder & CEO, and Marta Gui, Growth Hacking Manager, at Wallapop – a commerce platform using geolocalization, explain how using store listing experiments has increased their conversion rate. – Find out about store listing experiments:

How to use Redux in Polymer — Polycasts #61

3 days ago
Grab the latest polymer-redux and give it a go! Click here: How do you manage state in a large Polymer app? This is probably the most frequently asked question we get on Polycasts. Today we’re going to start tackling this problem using the Redux library and an adapter written for Polymer called polymer-redux. Explaining […]

Android Developer Story: Southeast Asian indie game developers find success on Google Play

4 days ago
Indie game developers bring high quality, artistic, and innovative content to Google Play and raise the bar for all developers in the process and Southeast Asia, in particular, has a vibrant indie game developer ecosystem. Learn how three Indie developers, Inzen studios based in Singapore, VGames in Vietnam, and Niji Games in Indonesia, used store […]

Developer Diary Season 2

5 days ago
Developer Diary is back with season 2! This time Paul is going to build a video player. He’s never built one before, so come along for the ride! Comment below on what you want to see included in the videos. Subscribe to the Chrome Developers Channel & stay up to date with this series here: […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 053)

1 week ago
Links: Build Actions on Google: Success in new markets on Google Play: Grumpy: Go running Python!: Boosting your App’s Quality in 2017: Monitoring Santa Tracker with Firebase: Google Cloud Architect Certification (beta): Google Cloud Platform for data center professionals: Testing and experimentation in AdWords: Highlights: Grumpy for […]

How I do an accessibility audit — A11ycasts #11

1 week ago
Today on A11ycasts I want to give a brief look into the process I use when I’m auditing a site for accessibility. This is by no means an exhaustive audit that I’m doing here, but instead a set of quick checks that you can use to highlight any big problem areas. I’ve found that most […]

Android Developer Story: WPS Office Software creates innovative experiences for users on Google Play

2 weeks ago
Chinese software developer, Kingsoft Office, WPS Office Software, has grown in international markets and optimized it’s app to create a better experience for users. Learn how it has found success with Google Play features such as translation services, store listing experiments, and more. – Learn more about Google Play translation services: – Find out […]