IBM, Google, and Lyft launch Istio

2 days ago
IBM, Google and Lyft give microservices a ride on the Istio Service Mesh IBM, Google, and Lyft today announced that they’re giving the new, open Istio microservices mesh a ride — the kind of ride that gets you down the microservices highway in style and totally optimized.   Istio is a collaboration among the three […]

Google I/O 2017 Highlights

4 days ago
Google I/O 2017, our annual developer conference, gathered 7,200+ developers from around the world at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Attendees enjoyed a 3 day festival with technical Sessions, Office Hours, Codelabs, Sandbox Demos, App Reviews, an After Hours Block Party, and a Concert by LCD Soundsystem — making the best use of the […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 070)

4 days ago
The Google I/O tour and inside scoop: All the keynote and session videos: Introduction to Kotlin: Building an Android Instant App: Zero to App: Live coding a Firebase app in JavaScript, Kotlin, and Swift: Effective TensorFlow for Non-Experts: VR and AR at Google: Building Apps for the Google […]

Using Web Components with Angular (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
Web Components help developers with their universal portability. Angular is a powerful framework for building full applications with the web. Come learn how to combine these two superpowers. In this session, we’ll cover managing component state and communicating through event and property bindings, best practices for architecting your Angular application to take advantage of Web […]

Cloud Spanner 101: Google’s Mission-Critical Relational Database (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
In this session, we’ll share an overview of Google Cloud Spanner, Google’s mission-critical, relational and scalable application database, which is now publicly available as a managed service on Google Cloud. You’ll learn how Cloud Spanner evolved, how Google uses it internally and how you can use it for your next project. See all the talks […]

Android TV: How to Engage More Users and Earn More Revenue (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
Learn about strategies and techniques for monetization and increasing engagement on Android TV. Hear how new features such as the Google Assistant, recommendations, subscriptions, and more can help seamlessly drive users to your app content, to help you build a happy and engaged user base. Watch more Android talks at I/O ’17 here: See […]

Applying Built-in Hacks of Conversation to Your Voice UI (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
As you gear up to build great Conversation Actions for the Google Assistant, find out how to leverage one of the principles that practically defines what it means to be “conversational” – our ability to take mental leaps, to draw inferences, to be informative, to feel like we’re making progress. Conversation is systematic, but to […]

Android Wear UI Development Best Practice (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
We have made significant updates to the Android Wear UI framework since launch to best support Material Design for Android Wear. We will cover why we deprecated a number of UI classes, how we are integrating this with the Android mobile support library and what developers should use going forward. In addition, we will go […]

Project Magenta: Music and Art with Machine Learning (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
Google Brain researcher Douglas Eck will discuss Magenta, a project using TensorFlow to generate art and music with deep nets and reinforcement learning. He’ll also talk about how artists and musicians fit in to the effort. We’ll dive into some of the technical details and challenges faced in building generative models, but no machine learning […]

How to Enable Contextual App Experiences (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
It’s important to understand user context and their interactions with the world around them. Who or what they’re near can power magical user experiences. The Awareness and Nearby APIs enable your application to understand context and power contextual experiences. This session will provide you with an overview of these APIs, examples of some of the […]

Build Powerful Custom Apps Fast with App Maker on G Suite (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
App Maker is G Suite’s low-code app development tool that lets developers quickly build and deploy custom apps tailored to their company’s needs. Learn how citizen developers can quickly build apps to automate the small but manual tasks that clog up their worksteam, and how experienced developers can use Apps Script and our APIs to […]

Life is Great and Everything Will Be Ok, Kotlin is Here (Google I/O ’17)

7 days ago
Using Kotlin for Android development has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now officially supported by Google. If you are not already using Kotlin you might be wondering why and how to adopt it. In the first part of this talk, Jake will cover advancing the usage and design patterns of […]