The Developer Show (TL;DR 066)

3 days ago
Android O Security: Introducing tf-seq2seq: Firebase Analytics Udacity course: Google Cloud Deployment Manager: Highlights: Android O security, TensorFlow, Firebase Analytics Udacity course, and GCP Deployment Manager The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts. Have a question? […]

Quick tip: Localization 101

5 days ago
Translating your product — it’s easier than you think! On this episode of Route 85, Rony Rozen shows you how to set up your iOS Swift app so that it can be easily localized and translated later. Watch more episodes of Route 85 here: Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at

Using field masks with update requests to Google APIs

5 days ago
In this conclusion of our two-part series on field masks, engineer Wesley Chun shows viewers how to use field masks with update API requests. In the previous episode, you learned that when reading data from an API, field masks can be used as a “partial response” mechanism to control the amount of data that comes […]

Chrome 58: IndexedDB 2.0, display: fullscreen and New Options for Sandboxed iFrames

5 days ago
With Chrome 58, Progressive Web Apps are more immersive with display: fullscreen. IndexedDB 2.0 is now supported and sandboxed iFrames get more options. Pete LePage has all the details and how you can use these new developer features in Chrome 58! * IndexedDB 2.0 – * allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation – Subscribe to the Chrome Developers […]

Design Snippets: Circuit’s simple and clean visual design

6 days ago
Click here submit your Design Snippets Project: In this installment of Design Snippets, we look at visual design elements in a transit-planning app called Circuit, and particularly how contrast, a clear visual language, subtle motion, and use of keylines make the app feel simple and easy to use. Subscribe to the Google Developers channel […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 065)

1 week ago
Android Things: Santa Tracker: Material Design: Realtime Database concurrency limits: Easier configuration for Firebase on the web: Bringing Firebase Admin To Python: Kubernetes 1.6: Kubernetes and Google Container Engine: Container-Optimized OS: Highlights: Android Things, Santa Tracker, and Kubernetes The Developer Show is where you can stay […]

Mediation Adapters – Mobile Ads Garage #15

2 weeks ago
Android Adapter Repo: iOS Adapter Repo: Mediation Networks: iOS Mediation Guide: Android Mediation Guide: SDK Support Forum: After hearing from publishers that you’d like a smoother path to integrating mediation, AdMob has worked with a bunch of network partners to open the source for their mediation adapters. This has […]

Adopting the native language of the web — Designer vs. Developer #3

2 weeks ago
Welcome to Designer Vs Developer, a show that tries to solve the challenges faced in the industry by opening a conversation between the two, providing take aways, solutions to workflows, tools & discussions on everyday struggles. This week Mustafa speaks to Ade Oshineye, a Developer Advocate on the Google Developer Relations Team, about how the […]

Geolocation – Geocasts

2 weeks ago
Check out the Google Maps Geolocation API here: In this Geocasts, @lmoroney takes you through how the Google Maps Geolocation APIs work — giving you the ability to locate a device without using GPS! Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel for more Geocasts videos:

Speak to Go: Explore the world with your voice

2 weeks ago
Try Speak to Go, a Web VR Experiment made for mobile at

WebVR Experiments: Virtual reality on the web for everyone

2 weeks ago
WebVR is an easy new way for developers to build and share VR experiences on the web. We’re launching WebVR Experiments to showcase the amazing experiences developers are building with WebVR. So come and start playing at

AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone

2 weeks ago
Draw faster with a little help from artists and machine learning in this new drawing tool. Go to to start creating. Thanks to the Gadget Hacks team: