Android Developer Story: Viki uses subscriptions to build a sustainable business

3 days ago
App developers are always looking to build sustainable and predictable revenue streams. Watch Alex Chan, Senior VP of Product and Engineering at Viki, a Singapore-based video app, explain how subscriptions with Google Play billing have helped them expand paying audiences globally and improve monetization from emerging markets. Check out more Android Developer Stories here: […]

Totally Tooling Tips: Webpack Tips

6 days ago
Learn how to keep your Webpack JavaScript bundles as small as possible in this new episode with Matt and Addy. They cover code-snippets for ensuring you’re minifying and splitting up your bundles efficiently. Webpack for Real Tasks: Decreasing Front-End Size and Improving Caching: Getting the Most out of CommonsChunkPlugin: Vendor and Code Splitting […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 079)

6 days ago
TensorFlow Serving 1.0: International Conference on Machine Learning: Nearby Connections 2.0: Estimating Available Storage Space: Firebase Conditional REST Requests: Go Contributors Summit: The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts. Have a question? Use #AskDevShow […]

Google Developers Agency Spotlight Presents: Mutual Mobile

6 days ago
Mutual Mobile is an emerging tech agency that develops breakthrough digital applications for a more connected world. For Mutual Mobile, a great product is an intersection between art, humanities, and technology. Check out what makes them proud of their job! In this video, learn more about their team, culture the personality of their company and […]

Firebase Overview | Firebase with Abe (Google Developer)

6 days ago
Let’s discuss Firebase with one of its developers! Abe Haskins (follow on Twitter: gives us a short intro to Firebase. ———- Check the source code of the example project (Note: You won’t be able to store data on my FB project, set up your own one!): Firebase Docs: Firebase Pricing: ———- […]

ServiceWorker Versioning: Micro Tip #11 – Supercharged

1 week ago
Surma explains how you can adapt your build pipeline to make ServiceWorker development a little easier. If you have questions or suggestions, hit us up on Twitter! Surma: Watch more episodes of Supercharged here: Subscribe to the Chrome Developers channel at

Designing for Great Performance — Designer vs. Developer #8

1 week ago
In ‘Designing for Great Performance’ Mustafa speaks to Addy Osmani, a Senior Staff Developer Programs Engineer on the Google Developer Relations Team, about how to design a great performance and speak about about Flash and days gone by. Designer vs. Developer is a show that tries to solve the challenges faced in the industry by […]

Salesforce to Google Sheets: Add leads to spreadsheet with App Connect

1 week ago
Step-by-step instructions to create an event-driven flow in IBM App Connect Designer that when a new lead is added to Salesforce, adds a new row to a Google Sheets spreadsheet with details of the lead. The event-driven flow is triggered when a new lead is added to Salesforce. In this demo, the flow adds a […]

GDG Global Community Organizer Summit

1 week ago
Each year many GDG organizers are in Mountain View, CA to attend Google I/O. The annual GDG Global Community Organizer Summit is a chance for them to improve their community leadership skills for running stronger chapter events, and strengthen their personal connections within Google and the GDG community. Learn more at

Managing Focus – A11ycasts #22

2 weeks ago
Check out the demo: Single page web apps are awesome but may present interesting accessibility challenges. In particular, when the site loads new content, it needs to be able to inform an assistive technology user that the new content is available, and ideally move focus into the new area. Today on A11ycasts we’ll look […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 078)

2 weeks ago
Google Developers Launchpad Studio: Google at ACL 2017: Playbook for developers: Android Testing Support Library 1.0: Android O, Developer Preview 4: DartConf: So long, and thanks for all the Flash: Cloud Shell’s code editor now in beta: The Developer Show is where you can stay up to […]

IntersectionObserver: Micro Tip #10 – Supercharged

2 weeks ago
Surma introduces IntersectionObserver to build scroll-linked effects. Read more about IntersectionObserver in Surma’s article: IntersectionObserver polyfill: If you have questions or suggestions, hit us up on Twitter! Surma: Watch more episodes of Supercharged here: Subscribe to the Chrome Developers channel at