AdMob Mediation Groups Simplify Mediation – AdMob Quick Tip #2

6 days ago
Have you tried AdMob’s Mediation Groups? They’re a new feature that can simplify the way you set up and configure mediated ad units — those that target more than one ad network. Learn how to put them to work for your apps in AdMob Quick Tip #2. Watch more episodes of Mobile Ads Garage here: […]

App Store Optimization and App Marketing (Steve Young –

2 weeks ago
Learn how to do ASO for your app such as choosing keywords, optimizing your App Store app listing, doing app store screenshots and more. Plus learn how to perform profitable App Marketing campaigns such as Steve’s paid-to-free campaign, the Apple feature and more. Find more from Steve here: App Masters Podcast: Mobile Action: […]

AdMob & Analytics FTW – AdMob Quick Tip #1

2 weeks ago
The only thing better than a getting free usage data about your app from Google analytics for Firebase is getting it with AdMob financial data baked right in. And the only thing better that tracking your ad performance with AdMob’s reporting capabilities is getting that plus usage data right in the AdMob UI. AdMob’s first […]

Creating a Custom Renderer for Xamarin.Forms

1 month ago
In this episode of Gur.Codes(); I will show you how to create a custom renderer in your Xamarin.Forms project. Code for this video can be found here: Find me on Twitter @jfversluis or mail and please subscribe!

How I made $98.12 from the App Store

2 months ago
I was surprised to find a payment from Apple! I looked into it and in this video, I explain how I made money from the App Store. I have 3 iOS apps in the App Store. 2 are paid and 1 generates money via ads. Making money with apps is tough! Steve Young (appmasters): […]

Microsoft Excel: Basics and beyond (productivity demo)

2 months ago
Brian Moring, productivity trainer with Microsoft IT Showcase, demonstrates how to use Excel for collaboration and increased productivity in the cloud. Find out how to create an Excel workbook, save it to OneDrive, use formulas and functions, and visualize your data in charts and graphs. See how to insert PivotTables and learn how to access […]

Quick Tip: UITableViewController Performance Tips (Route 85)

2 months ago
Nobody wants laggy UITableViewControllers in their iOS app! In this epsiode of Route 85, Rony Rozen shows you some tips and tricks to make sure your table views (and collection views) are as speedy as possible. Watch more episodes of Route 85 here: Subscribe to the Google Developers channel here:

ARKit Basics! (Placing Objects : Swift 4 in Xcode 9)

2 months ago
Massdrop [Sponsored] – Today we jump into ARKit and learn how to place objects around your physical environment by simply tapping on the screen. ARKit is flipping amazing, and I hope to do more with it soon! 😀 ~Social Stuff~ Twitter – @archetapp Email –

How to Create First C++ Hello World Project using Xcode (Mac)

2 months ago
In thi video I will explain How to Create First C++ Hello World using Xcode Mac OS X Open Xcode an follow the steps Xcode – File – New – Project – Command Line Tool – Next – Language – C++ You can also freely add C++ files to any other kind of project too. […]

Reclaim 16 GB of Hard Drive Space From Xcode

3 months ago
Here’s a quick tip to reclaim hard drive space from Xcode. I got back around 16 GB! iOS Dev Nuggets #162 Website: CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about building iOS apps. On the site, you’ll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey […]

How to install Xcode on a Mac OS X

3 months ago
In this video I am going to show you How to Install Xcode in OS X. Xcode is the development and debug environment on the Mac, and provides the required development files for Mac OS X and iOS applications. Register (free of charge) as an Apple Developer at ————————-Follow——————- My Website – My […]

How to Connect an iOS App to a MySQL Database (Step by Step) – Part 7

3 months ago
Xcode Project Code: In this video series, I’ll show you how to connect an iPhone app to MySQL. We’ll go through it step by step starting from the beginning. You’ll learn how to: – Sign up for web hosting – Create a new MySQL database – Set up a MySQL database user – Set […]