Henrik Wenz: Start building server rendered web apps using next.js | JSUnconf 2017

2 days ago

Marco Pantaleo: There will be grid | JSUnconf 2017

2 days ago

The Dev Show – Episode 001

2 days ago
In this episode we will be talking about some Laravel stuff, VueJS, HTML/CSS/Javascript Libraries, and some other random cool stuff. Check out all the links discussed in this video below: Laravel Laravel Zero – Create your Own console applications. New Version – has a new version of their site released. MonicaHQ […]

Robin Drexler: 7 Web technologies you might not know yet | JSUnconf 2017

5 days ago

Michael Geers: Measuring Web Performance – Metrics & Tools | JSUnconf 2017

5 days ago

WAPG 6 SVG Animation Programming SMIL JavaScript CSS

1 week ago
Learn SVG animation techniques using animation elements(SMIL), JavaScript and CSS. Lesson Code:

Steve Kinney: Bringing Back the 1990s: The Revenge of JavaScript Style Sheets | JSConf EU 2017

2 weeks ago JavaScript Style Sheets (JSSS) was a technology introduced by Netscape in 1996. Chances are, you’ve never heard of JSSS, since it was available in Netscape Communicator 4.0. They allowed you to define custom styling rules for your web pages. You’re probably more familiar with its competitor at the time—CSS. They were pretty cool though. […]

Whitney Williams: The Legacy of the JavaScript Community | JSConf EU 2017

2 weeks ago

Jessica Tran: Hacking My Anxiety With Open-Source technology | JSConf EU 2017

3 weeks ago Star Trek video at the end was edited out for copyright reasons. Watch it here Research shows that by simply regulating their breathing, one may experience less fear, anxiety, and improve memory. Sure, we all could strive to become more mindful and self-aware, but in true programmer fashion, I ask, “why not use […]

Introducing Team Drives for Developers (The G Suite Dev Show)

3 weeks ago
While Teams Drives are a new solution created to help teams & organizations better manage their files, using Team Drives as a developer won’t require you to learn something completely new. The Google Drive API you know & love is already “Team Drives-enabled.” Yes, there are new method collections to help you manage Team Drives […]

You got your Browser in my Virtual Machine! Impersonating Javascript environments in the Java VM

3 weeks ago
Ean Schuessler – @brainfoodies Sharing validation logic and system state management between client and server is a very common need. Learn how sophisticated browser programming models can help you bridge the gap between your JavaScript and Java codebases.

Denis Radin: Applying NASA coding standards to JavaScript | JSConf EU 2017

3 weeks ago Jet Propulsion Laboratory – scientific institution making research and development for NASA. Their portfolio includes such famous missions as Curiosity Mars rover and Voyager probe which left solar system after 25 years of flight and still providing scientific information. High level of automation and long duration of missions led to superior demands to software […]