Yarn vs NPM – You won’t believe how fast it is

2 weeks ago
Yarn is the hot new drop-in NPM replacement utility for projects using node.js packages. It’s way faster, more stable, and more secure than NPM and you can use it with zero configuration on your end. In the sample for this video, the NPM install takes between 20 and 30 seconds for just a few packages, […]

DeveloperWeek 2017: Join the Industrial Revolution of Code

2 weeks ago
The world’s largest developer expo and conference series with over 8,000 participants, developerWeek covers all new dev technologies in sessions and workshops that teach you introductory lessons or advanced tips and tricks on technologies like HTML5, Python, Javascript, robotics, data science, and machine learning. For more, visit

Hiatus Update 1 – (Time Vacuums, Gaming Addiction, and Willpower)

2 weeks ago
I want to talk about what I’ve been up to, and what I’ve learned. – – – This video was sponsored by the DevTips Patron Community – Listen to Travis’ Podcast – Get awesomeness emailed to you every thursday – You should follow DevTips on Twitter –

Chrome 57: Grid based layouts, Media Session API and more

2 weeks ago
With Chrome 57, you can now use display: grid for grid based layouts, use the media session API to customize the lock screen and notifications with information about the media being played and more. Pete LePage has all the details and how you can use these new developer features in Chrome 57! Subscribe to the […]

TWC9: Xbox Dev for Everyone, Game Pass, Windows Mixed Reality and more…

3 weeks ago
This week on Channel 9, Nikola and guest host David Catuhe discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:31], Microsoft Edge helps you organize your web,,, UWP Community Toolkit [01:50] New Investments For Xbox Developers And Gamers Kick Off GDC 2017 [Major Nelson] [02:10] MonoGame and the Xbox Live Creators Program [Tom […]

JavaScript Drone App

1 month ago
Learn how to fly a drone using Node.js with Sergio Cruz. If you need to brush up on Node.js, check out Code School’s Real-time With Node.js: And you can also find the project repo here:

Adding text & shapes with the Google Slides API – The G Suite Developer Show

1 month ago
One of the core skills developers should have when using the Google Slides API is the ability to add text to presentations. It’s also good to know how to add shapes as well. In this G Suite Dev Show DevByte video, Google engineer Wesley Chun shows you how to do both with the Slides API. […]

Jad Meouchy: Load testing your node application | January 2017

1 month ago
The presentation was given at in January 2017

Mateusz Marpi Marcinowski: Evolution | January 2017

1 month ago
The presentation was given at in January 2017 Marpi gets deep into generative 3D creatures/worlds with webVR, webGL, shaders, mobile, socket servers, and more ⚡️. He currently works at Obscura Digital 😀

Dev Workflow Tips! – Apps, Keyboard Setup, Editors and More – Ergodox EZ Mechanical Keyboard

1 month ago
Here’s my keyboard: Here’s my Ergodox EZ layout: In this video, I show off the new Ergodox EZ Snow and Shine LED edition, which is a beautiful keyboard. When doing web development locally, the go-to apps that I most would miss are Divvy, iTerm2 and Alfred. They make getting around a dev machine […]

Media Player #5

1 month ago
Learn more about the sample video-on-demand media Progressive Web App on GitHub: Paul Lewis delves into the code behind his media player – focusing on server side rendering. Surmas Supercharged on Server Side Rendering: Subscribe to the Chrome Developers Channel:

Episode 459: Maggie Pint on JSFoundation

1 month ago
Maggie Pint explains how the JS Foundation provides free assistance to open source JavaScript projects, including her own moment.js.