Irina Shestak: knock-knock-who-there-file-compression-TALK-FINAL-4.tar.trz.bz2.gz | JSConf EU 2017

4 weeks ago Fade in. An opened terminal window. iTerm2 is the flavour. Dracula, the theme. You split the panes in two. You are at it again: a stash of audio buffers and that dream of manipulating a lossless file. With node as your language of choice you embark on the night. You manipulate, you transform, you […]

Emil Bay: Keeping passwords safe in 2017 | JSConf EU 2017

4 weeks ago Every other week there seems to be a new dump of cracked passwords, hurting innocent and unbeknownst users. It seems as if keeping users passwords safe is an herculean task, even beyond the most resourceful organisations. However it doesn’t have to be. Password hashing is a important discipline in cryptography. Securing passwords has become […]

Meno Abels: Weakest Link | JSConf EU 2017

4 weeks ago Https is the new normal. We all knew that the CAs are not working properly. The chain of trust between the website and “me” is founded on the believe of the “green lock”. If we dissect this chain of trust we find the “weakest link” the private-key’s. This discovery leads to question how we […]

Amelia Abreu: From Advocacy to Innovation | JSConf EU 2017

4 weeks ago Today’s Javascript developers are working at an intersection of user experience, security, and the next generation of connected technologies. With the growth of full-stack JS tools and the expansion of the Internet of Things, robust Javascript applications will play an even bigger role in the devices and tools we use every day. With this […]

Why headings and landmarks are so important — A11ycasts #18

1 month ago
Accessibility Fundamentals: Semantics and Navigating Content One of the key goals in building an accessible experience is to make sure users of assistive technology can browse the page efficiently. Proper usage of h1-h6 headings can really improve the browsing experience for someone on a screen reader, because they help the user quickly create a […]

Maureen McElaney: Go Offline First to Save The World | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago We’re accustomed to great connectivity but what if you need to access important info when you’re disconnected? This session will uncover the approaches used in successful real world examples of Offline First and show you the tools and techniques that will allow you to build the same kinds of things. From supporting hospitals in […]

Nidin Vinayakan: Shared Memory & Parallel Programming with JavaScript | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Early look in to the upcoming JavaScript features SharedArrayBuffer and Atomics. I will show you, how to craft complex applications using shared memory and gain massive performance boost by utilizing all available CPU cores for parallel computation on same data. I will also teach you how to write safe code while using shared memory […]

Harriet Lawrence: Sociolinguistics and the Javascript community: a love story | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Did you know that how we learn JavaScript has changed a huge amount over the last ten years? Lots of small changes in how we introduce people to JS have built up over time into a radical difference – these changes are based in sociolinguistics! Our community’s communication has evolved rapidly. We’ve moved from […]

Jan Krutisch: Æsthetics of code | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Of course you know what beautiful code looks like. Too bad nobody actually agrees with you. So, what exactly makes beautiful code? Is it readability? Elegance? Simplicity? How much of it depends on the programming language, on your coding style and on the actual code you’re writing? The presentation will contain nothing but code […]

Alexander Reardon: Let’s go big (Big numbers in JavaScript) | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Do you feel limited, boxed in, like you are unable to grow? Try to imagine how numbers in JavaScript feel – they are stuck between +/- 9007199254740991. Unable to breathe, they are stuck. I will talk about how we can free numbers in JavaScript to represent values much larger than their natural constraints. The […]

Ben Vinegar: Source maps through the looking glass | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago You’re probably familiar with source maps – they let you debug your original, unminified and untranspiled code in the browser. But ever wonder how they actually work? In this talk, we deep dive into the source map format to see what’s under the hood. We’ll cover source map generation tools and parsers, and learn […]

Tilde Ann Thurium: My gender is 🍕 🦄: shipping expanded gender options | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Every time I have to check the “Male” or “Female” boxes, it feels :poop emoji:. By building and shipping expanded gender options at my $DAYJOB, I learned how to convince folks that gender options in product matter, how to get time and resourcing for social justice projects at work, and how to measure the […]