Matt Johnson: The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript Date and Time APIs | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago JavaScript is notoriously bad when it comes to date and time problems. The built-in Date object has so many quirks and implementation differences that many developers have abandoned it, in favor of libraries. How did we get here, and what can be done about this? This talk is in three parts, and led by […]

Sarah Saltrick Meyer: Two Problems: Regular Expressions for Revolutionaries | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago There’s an old software joke that goes: “Some people, when confronted with a problem, reach for regular expressions. Now they have two problems.” Regular expressions are a web developer’s best friend and worst nightmare. Sure, you’re glad someone posted the regex pattern for a phone number on Stack Overflow, but when the intern asked […]

Henry Zhu: Maintaining an OSS Project (Babel) | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Slides: How did piece of satire lead to a ASCII picture of Guy Fieri getting merged into the Babel source and our t-shirt design? Who is left_pad? How did I go from complete ignorance of one of the biggest tools used in the JavaScript ecosystem to becoming a user, contributor, and eventually maintainer? […]

Marja Hölttä: Parsing JavaScript – better lazy than eager? | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Parsing JavaScript fast is critical for fast web page startup. We’ll look at challenges posed by complex frameworks and new language features and how V8, the JavaScript engine behind Google Chrome, solves them. You’ll learn how to write and bundle your code in a way that is fast to parse. Some topics I’ll cover […]

Ben Schwarz: Real world connectivity: Beyond the bubble | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Every talk you’ll hear about ‘web performance’ will tell you that shaving 100ms from response time produced a 1% sales yield for Amazon, or maybe that 40% of web visitors will abandon your site when it takes more then 3 seconds to load? While those are impressive, there are some more interesting metrics that […]

TC39 (JavaScript standard committee) panel | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago
TC39 is the standards committee that defines the JavaScript language.

Jason Miller: Preact: Into the void 0 | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Front-end developers sit atop a massive amount of technology, often treating whole pieces of our application as opaque functionality. Grab a hard hat and follow me down into the internals of Preact, a tiny 3kb alternative to React. Along the way we’ll shed light on fundamentals like JSX & Virtual DOM, demystify DOM diffing, […]

Franziska Hinkelmann: JavaScript engines – how do they even? | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago Want to know how JavaScript engines work? Why is JavaScript so fast? What is just-in-time compilation? We’ll look at basic concepts of compilers, challenges posed by modern JavaScript, and how to write compiler-friendly JavaScript.

Alexander Pope: Outbreak: index-sw-9a4c43b4b4778e7d1ca619eaaf5ac1db.js | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago August 30, 2016, was by all accounts an average Tuesday, and release number 523 just a simple re-factor, but something went horribly wrong that day: bad code escaped from the office, and it quickly spread to infect tens of thousands, giving rise to a hoard of zombie ServiceWorkers! This is a disaster about a […]

Lin Clark: A Cartoon Intro to WebAssembly | JSConf EU 2017

1 month ago WebAssembly is fast. It’s being called “the future of the web”. It’s speed and potential have major browser vendors working together to make it a reality. And it’s on it’s way—the MVP hit multiple browsers in October of last year. But what makes it fast? Starting from the basics, this talk will walk you […]

Angular vs React.js vs Vue.js – My Thoughts!

1 month ago
Angular, React.js or Vue.js? I get this question a lot! Let me share some thoughts on it with you! Early bird offer – Join my course on this topic for only $10: Introductions to all three frameworks + detailed comparison included! JS Framework Benchmark: Want to learn Angular or Vue (I don’t have […]

Emily Gorcenski: The Ethics of the Internet of Things | JSConf EU 2017

2 months ago The Internet of Things is quickly entering our lives with stunning feats of innovation–and sometimes absurdity. Internet connectivity in household and industrial devices truly holds a great deal of promise, but is the pace of innovation too fast and is the design praxis sufficiently rigorous? Is JavaScript well-suited to control devices that can cause […]