Kubernetes meets Linux – Vishnu Kannan (Google)

2 days ago @containercamp Kubernetes is a cluster management infrastructure that can manage thousands of linux nodes and hundreds of thousands of linux containers. This talk will explore how kubernetes manages linux nodes under the hood. This talk will also present some of the current shortcomings of linux in the containers clusters space and explore how Google’s […]

Redis Tutorial for Beginners 3 – How To Install Redis On Ubuntu Linux

5 days ago
There are two ways to install Redis under Ubuntu Linux 1. usind apt-get install —————————————————- $ sudo apt-get install redis-server 2 with followind commands: ————————————————————- $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install build-essential tcl $ mkdir redis && cd redis $ wget $ tar xzf redis-4.0.0.tar.gz $ cd redis-4.0.0 $ make $ make […]

TWC9: Babylon.js 3.0, Paint 3D Holographic Models, Peek Inside the AI Labs and more…

1 week ago
This week on Channel 9, Nikola and returning guest host Killian McCoy discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:54] Announcing Babylon.js 3.0 [David Catuhe] [02:05] Using Paint 3D to design 3D models for your Holographic applications [Abhijit Jana] [03:18] Microsoft Azure Stack is ready to order now [Mike Neil] [04:24] Largest FREE Microsoft eBook […]

Setting up SQL Server High-Availability between Windows and Linux with SQL Server 2017

1 week ago
Tobias and Slava are back in the studio in this awesome video to show high-availability with SQL Server 2017 between Windows and Linux. After spending a few minutes discussing the background, thought process, discussions that went on trying to determine if this was even possible, and the applicable scenarios, Tobias jumps right into the demo […]

Linux Kernel Panel Discussion

3 weeks ago
About Alice Ferrazzi Alice Ferrazzi is a Gentoo Linux Developer and the Gentoo Kernel Project Leader, working on Gentoo ebuild, eclass writing and kernel. She holds Gentoo study meetings in Japan and organizes the Gentoo booth at various open source events. She will be graduating from Tokyo University of Technology and is interested in research […]

Introducing Docker 17.06 Community Edition

4 weeks ago
Docker 17.06 Community Edition is the first version of Docker built entirely on the Moby Project ( It also has a bunch of new features like Multi-Stage Build, new Networking features, a new metrics endpoint and more. In this video, Mano Marks (@manomarks), Docker Developer Relations Director, walks you through the major new features. For […]

Social Imperative of OSS: Technological and Legal Collaboration and the Path to Freedom

4 weeks ago
The thirty plus year history of OSS has shown the power of collaborative development in key technologies/markets such as Enterprise, Mobility, Cloud, Computing, IoT and, more recently, Automotive. New and rich pathways to innovation have been nurtured through “all in collaboration and contribution”. Following the Technology Community’s lead in each of these areas, ‎ legal […]

Learnings of Using Linux in Large – Scale OEM IVI Development

4 weeks ago
With the Linux IVI platform build experience, we hope to share the ideology and pursuing for the software platform creation, the learnings for the platform in-using large-scale OEM development, as well as the development automation related activities.

Multi-Screen UX : New GUI Architecture for Next Generation Cockpit System – Takashi Tsubone

4 weeks ago
Many kinds of displays with different sizes and resolutions will be installed various places in next generation cockpit system. To achieve a user-friendly GUI in such environment, the framework will become important that fit multiple GUI layout windows to various kinds of displays simultaneously. It’s called ‘Multi-Layout Window’. The purpose of this presentation is to […]

Keynote: Change Ignites Innovation – Gebi Liang, Microsoft

4 weeks ago
Keynote: Change Ignites Innovation [C] – Gebi Liang, Partner Director of Cloud and Enterprise Engineering China, Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group As a cloud platform company we aim to help developers achieve more using the platforms and languages they know,” said Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group. Since Satya Nadella […]

Keynote: OpenStack Playing for an Open World – Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack Foundation

4 weeks ago
Keynote: OpenStack Playing for an Open World – Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director, OpenStack Foundation [E] About Jonathan Bryce Jonathan Bryce, who has spent his career building the cloud, is Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation. Previously he was a founder of The Rackspace Cloud. He started his career working as a web developer for Rackspace, […]

Keynote: Cloud and Open Source Facilitate Digital Transformation for Enterprises – Peixin Hou

4 weeks ago
Keynote: Cloud and Open Source Facilitate Digital Transformation for Enterprises [C] – Peixin Hou, Chief Architect of Open Software and Systems, Huawei