Unearthing Concurrency Bugs in Cloud-Scale Distributed Systems

5 days ago
Users demand for 24/7 dependability of cloud services. Unfulfilled dependability is costly, yet, there are complex challenges to reach an ideal dependability. Behind cloud computing is a collection of hundreds of complex systems written in millions of lines of code that are brittle and prone to failures. In this talk, I am discussing about one […]

Modeling Context in Eventful Human-Machine Communications

5 days ago
Building AI systems that can process user input, understand it, and generate an engaging and contextually-relevant output in response, has been one of the longest-running goals in AI. Humans use a variety of modalities, such as language and visual cues, to communicate. A major trigger to our meaningful communications are “events” and how they cause/enable […]

Neural Program Learning from Input-Output Examples

5 days ago
Most deep learning research focuses on learning a single task at a time – on a fixed problem, given an input, predict the corresponding output. How should we handle problems where the task is not known beforehand? One potential framework to address this issue is program learning, in which the neural network produces outputs conditioned […]

Machine Learning for Embodied Design in Virtual Reality

5 days ago
Much of my research has tried to create virtual characters that are able to interact with real people via body language in immersive virtual reality. While some very simple models can create impressive effects and a strong sense of being with another person, these models fail to capture the complexity of human behaviour and it […]

Using Deep Learning to Understand Creative Language

5 days ago
Creative language – the sort found in novels, film, and comics – contains a wide range of linguistic phenomena, from phrasal and sentential syntactic complexity to high-level discourse structures such as narrative and character arcs. In this talk, I explore how we can use deep learning to understand, generate, and answer questions about creative language. […]

A New Approach to Network Functions

5 days ago
Modern networks do far more than just deliver packets, and provide network functions — including firewalls, caches, and WAN optimizers – that are crucial for scaling networks, ensuring security and enabling new applications. Network functions were traditionally implemented using dedicated hardware middleboxes, but in recent years they are increasingly being deployed as VMs on commodity […]

Catch the Pig – The Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge

2 weeks ago
Get the details and register your team by April 21, 2017: The Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge uses Project Malmo, an artificial intelligence experimentation and research platform that is built on top of the popular Minecraft game. Project Malmo was created to inspire a new generation of research into problems presented by this unique environment. […]

A conversation with Yoshua Bengio and Microsoft’s Harry Shum

3 weeks ago
When Microsoft acquired deep learning startup Maluuba in January, Maluuba’s highly respected advisor, the deep learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio, agreed to continue advising Microsoft on its artificial intelligence efforts. Bengio, head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, recently visited Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, campus, and took some time for a chat. Read the full conversation […]

Safe and Robust Autonomous Flight in Challenging Conditions

3 weeks ago
Autonomy holds a great promise by improving the applications, safety, and efficiency of flight. If little operator input is necessary, unmanned rotorcraft have a wide range of applications ranging from cargo delivery to inspection. Currently unmanned rotorcraft are underutilized because they either have to fly on preplanned missions at high altitude or require careful teleoperation. […]

Verified Secure Computing using Trusted Hardware

3 weeks ago
Security-critical applications constantly face threats from exploits in lower computing layers such as the OS and Hypervisor, or even attacks from malicious datacenter insiders. In order to protect sensitive data from such privileged adversaries, there is increasing development of secure hardware primitives, such as Intel SGX, ARM TrustZone, and Sanctum RISCV extensions. These hardware primitives […]

Learning Language Through Interaction

3 weeks ago
Natural language processing systems build using machine learning techniques are amazingly effective when plentiful labeled training data exists for the task/domain of interest. Unfortunately, for broad coverage (both in task and domain and language) language understanding, we’re unlikely to ever have sufficient labeled data, and systems must find some other way to learn. I’ll describe […]

Fast and Robust Transaction Processing on Emerging Hardware

3 weeks ago
Database engines must utilize and adapt to the underlying hardware. New hardware such as non-volatile memory (NVM) and massively parallel processors, is changing fundamentally how database engines should be designed for better scalability, performance, and more functionality. This talk will examine recent hardware trends, challenges brought by such hardware, and propose solutions that judiciously utilize […]