Examining the social impacts of artificial intelligence with Dr. Fernando Diaz

1 week ago
Episode 30 | June 27, 2018 Developing complex artificial intelligence systems in a lab is a challenging task, but what happens when they go into production and interact with real humans? That’s what researchers like Dr. Fernando Diaz, a Principal Research Manager at Microsoft Research Montreal, want to know. He and his colleagues are trying […]

Neural Program Synthesis and the Quest to Democratize Programming with Dr. Rishabh Singh

3 weeks ago
Episode 10 | January 31, 2018 Every day, computers take on more and more of our daily tasks. Fill in a few cells on your spreadsheet? It’ll fill in the rest. Ask your car for directions? It’ll get you there. We can program computers to do almost anything. But what about programming computers to… program […]

Hybrid Reward Architecture and the Fall of Ms. Pac-Man with Dr. Harm van Seijen

3 weeks ago
Episode 3 | December 6, 2017 If you’ve ever watched King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters, you know what a big deal it is to beat a video arcade game that was designed not to lose. Most humans can’t even come close. Enter Harm van Seijen, and a team of machine learning researchers from Microsoft […]

Symbolic Automata for Static Specification Mining

3 weeks ago
In a world where programming is largely based on using APIs, semantic code search emerges as a way to effectively learn how such APIs should be used. Towards this end, we present a formal framework for static specification mining that is able to handle code snippets and incomplete programs. Our framework analyzes code snippets and […]

Getting Virtual with Dr. Mar Gonzalez Franco

3 weeks ago
Episode 4 | December 13, 2017 On today’s episode, neuroscientist and virtual reality researcher, Dr. Mar Gonzalez Franco, talks about her work in VR, explains how avatars can help increase our empathy and reduce our biases via role play, and addresses the misconceptions that exist between the immersive experiences of virtual reality and psychedelic drugs. […]

Visualizing Data and Other Big Ideas with Dr. Steven Drucker

3 weeks ago
Episode 5 | December 20, 2017 In a wide-ranging interview, veteran Microsoft Researcher, Dr. Steven Drucker talks about his work in data visualization, the importance of clear communication in a world of complex algorithms and big data, and the long, slow work of big breakthroughs. He also offers some pro-tips to aspiring researchers, and tells […]

PNW PLSE Workshop: Featured Talk: Continuously Integrated Verified Cryptography

4 weeks ago
The PNW PLSE workshop provides an opportunity for programming languages and software engineering researchers throughout the Pacific Northwest to meet, interact, and share work in progress as well as recent results. The meeting on May 14, 2018 at the Microsoft Research campus in Redmond, WA, will feature talks and demonstrations of current projects, provide opportunities […]

Found in Translation: Achieving Human Parity on Chinese to English News Translation

4 weeks ago
Machine translation has made rapid advances in recent years. In this talk we describe recent advances of Microsoft’s machine translation system using Neural Machine Translation that lead to achieving a new state-of-the-art, and achieving human parity when compared to professional human translations. We will discuss the technical contributions, results and how we defined and accurately […]

Harry Shum Speaks at the 2018 Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering Graduation

1 month ago
Harry Shum, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence & Research Group, congratulates the 2018 graduating class of the University of Washington Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.

Ethics and Diversity in AI

1 month ago
Artificial intelligence is powering the fourth industrial revolution and has been called the “new electricity.” The global economic impact of AI applications is expected to reach $2.95 trillion by 2025, and we’re already seeing AI being incorporated into areas and tools like medical diagnosis, personal assistants like Siri, self-driving cars, and online translators. However, as […]

On Intrinsic Rewards and Continual Learning

1 month ago
Continual learning is the problem faced by intelligent agents of the sort that people and other animals are, that of learning increasingly complex skills and knowledge over time from experience, of becoming increasingly competent over time regardless of their environment. In this talk I will break down the research needed to accomplish continual learning into […]

Differential Privacy for Growing Databases

1 month ago
We study the design of differentially private algorithms for adaptive analysis of dynamically growing databases, where a database accumulates new data entries while the analysis is ongoing. We provide a collection of tools for machine learning and other types of data analysis that guarantee differential privacy and accuracy as the underlying databases grow arbitrarily large. […]