WritLarge: Ink Unleashed by Unified Scope, Action, & Zoom

3 weeks ago
WritLarge is a prototype system from Microsoft Research for the 84″ Microsoft Surface Hub, a large electronic whiteboard supporting both pen and multi-touch input. WritLarge allows creators to unleash the latent expressive power of ink in a compelling manner. Using multitouch, the user can simply frame a portion of their “whiteboard” session between thumb and forefinger, […]


3 weeks ago
Video about SPARCS See more on this video at

Sparse Haptic Proxy: touch feedback in virtual environments

3 weeks ago
Microsoft Research researchers—Eyal Ofek, Christian Holz, Hrvoje Benko, and Andy Wilson, along with Lung-Pan Chen, a visiting intern from HPI, Germany—has proposed a solution that can help us feel our environment while in VR. The authors built a system that tricks your senses by redirecting your hands, such that whenever you see yourself touching a […]

Quantum query complexity of entropy estimation

4 weeks ago
Estimation of Shannon and Renyi entropies of unknown discrete distributions is a fundamental problem in classical statistical property testing that has been intensively studied by the communities of both theoretical computer science and information theory. Tight bounds of the number of samples to estimate these entropies have been established in the classical setting, while little […]

Unearthing Concurrency Bugs in Cloud-Scale Distributed Systems

1 month ago
Users demand for 24/7 dependability of cloud services. Unfulfilled dependability is costly, yet, there are complex challenges to reach an ideal dependability. Behind cloud computing is a collection of hundreds of complex systems written in millions of lines of code that are brittle and prone to failures. In this talk, I am discussing about one […]

Modeling Context in Eventful Human-Machine Communications

1 month ago
Building AI systems that can process user input, understand it, and generate an engaging and contextually-relevant output in response, has been one of the longest-running goals in AI. Humans use a variety of modalities, such as language and visual cues, to communicate. A major trigger to our meaningful communications are “events” and how they cause/enable […]

Neural Program Learning from Input-Output Examples

1 month ago
Most deep learning research focuses on learning a single task at a time – on a fixed problem, given an input, predict the corresponding output. How should we handle problems where the task is not known beforehand? One potential framework to address this issue is program learning, in which the neural network produces outputs conditioned […]

Machine Learning for Embodied Design in Virtual Reality

1 month ago
Much of my research has tried to create virtual characters that are able to interact with real people via body language in immersive virtual reality. While some very simple models can create impressive effects and a strong sense of being with another person, these models fail to capture the complexity of human behaviour and it […]

Using Deep Learning to Understand Creative Language

1 month ago
Creative language – the sort found in novels, film, and comics – contains a wide range of linguistic phenomena, from phrasal and sentential syntactic complexity to high-level discourse structures such as narrative and character arcs. In this talk, I explore how we can use deep learning to understand, generate, and answer questions about creative language. […]

A New Approach to Network Functions

1 month ago
Modern networks do far more than just deliver packets, and provide network functions — including firewalls, caches, and WAN optimizers – that are crucial for scaling networks, ensuring security and enabling new applications. Network functions were traditionally implemented using dedicated hardware middleboxes, but in recent years they are increasingly being deployed as VMs on commodity […]

Fukushima Daiichi – Six Years Later

1 month ago
Following the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunamis off the northeastern coast of Japan, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant personnel encountered extraordinary challenges in managing the loss of electrical power, control, and instrumentation at the six reactors and seven spent fuel pools. Improvising responses in the face of harsh conditions; their actions likely reduced […]

Information Fostering: Being Proactive in Information Seeking

1 month ago
To assess information seeking/retrieval processes and outcomes, goodness of various objects involved in search such as queries and documents are evaluated. This evaluation could lead to recommendations (e.g., related queries, potentially useful books, interesting movies) to improve success and satisfaction of information seeker. However, in many cases, it may be too late to use those […]