Transitioning from PowerShell ISE to VS Code

1 day ago
In this day and age with Azure being the beast that it is, more often you’ll find yourself using PowerShell. This short video will help with the process of transitioning from using PowerShell ISE to using VS Code. It includes all the tips & tricks that you’re used to in PowerShell ISE.

Take the field in 360º with the CSD Eagles Football team

1 day ago
Suit up and take the field with the California School for the Deaf’s football team in 360º. Join the Eagles for a day of practice, and huddle with the players who outscored their opponents this year by 360 points. They prove that teamwork, communication and technology together win big.

Dr. Harry Shum on the future of AI at the 2017 Future Forum Annual Conference

2 days ago
Before computers can solve our greatest challenges, they must understand us. How can we make the leap from computers that perceive and identify objects or just words to a future where they comprehend and interpret the larger context of our world? How will the task-oriented bots of today evolve to agents that connect with us emotionally […]

Startup Stories : Meet iOwn

4 days ago
Watch how iOwn uses Azure Mobile Apps to help you consolidate & track loyalty points, while providing personalized offers & deals based on your Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Loyalty Program memberships.

Exciting New Devices Revealed at CES 2017

4 days ago
Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph and Windows expert, Dave Kane, are giving us an exclusive look at some of the hottest new Windows 10 devices at CES.

Lights, Camera, Surface: Photographer Joshua Lawrence uses tethered tech to capture the perfect shot

5 days ago
Victoria B.C. photographer Joshua Lawrence believes in a photography style that builds images from the group up. Using precise lighting and his camera tethered to his Surface Pro, he captures the details in everything from athletes to architecture. Learn more about Joshua’s unique photography style at:

Kubernetes Support in Azure Container Services

5 days ago
In this episode of Azure Friday, Scott Hanselman is joined by Brendan Burns (Partner Architect, at Microsoft & Kubernetes co-founder) to talk about containers and support for Kubernetes orchestration in Azure Container Services. Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. As Brendan wrote in his blog post on […]

The Ops Team #30 – 2017 and new team member

5 days ago
The Ops Team is a (sometimes) weekly show where Technical Evangelists specializing in the Operational side of DevOps get together to give you the deets on their areas of expertise including: Microsoft Azure, On-premises datacenter technologies, Open Source tools/technologies, and Microservices. Here’s all the links and info on the topics we covered, along with the time stamps […]

Tuesdays with Corey: Coolness of Visual Studio Azure Functions Tools!

6 days ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team dives into Azure Functions ONCE AGAIN. This time we have Donna Malayeri, Program Manager on the Azure Functions team showing us the new Visual Studio Azure Functions tools.  Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions – blog post with link to download the tools Running […]

Music x Technology: The Live Room at KEXP

1 week ago
From its humble roots as a volunteer-run public radio station, KEXP has grown into a global brand in music discovery, in large part thanks to the thousands of live performance sessions KEXP has captured over the past decade. KEXP’s global audience has come to appreciate the quality of KEXP live performance videos, and has come […]

(Part 2) Windows Server 2016 Storage will Blow your Mind

1 week ago
The second in a three part series covering the amazing storage features found in Windows Server 2016. In this second video we will focus on the amazing capabilities provided by Storage Replica features in Windows Server 2016. [1:10] What is Storage Replica? [2:24] What is Block Level Replication and why is this important vs. file […]

Episode 136: Running Websites at Scale with Nick Craver

1 week ago
We talk with Nick Craver about running Stack Overflow at scale. Microsoft is about to fix our biggest frustration. Jason’s Airpod Review. And if your laptop doesn’t have 3 4k monitors, it’s time for a new one.   Subscribe in any podcast app by searching for "ms dev show"   Subscribe on YouTube ➥: […]