Windows 10 Deployment: tips and tricks from Microsoft IT

5 days ago
At Microsoft today, we think of Windows as a service. Cloud-powered Windows Analytics have streamlined the upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update for our employees around the world. Our experts share lessons learned and best practices for application compatibility testing, upgrading, readiness, and adopting Windows Hello and Always-On VPN connection. These questions — and more […]

Episode 495: Kevin Grossnicklaus on API Design

1 week ago
Kevin Grossnicklaus discusses how his company designs and builds APIs that his customers can consume.

Episode 232: Azure Container Instances

1 week ago
In this episode Chris Risner and Noel Bundick are joined by Sean McKenna, Product Manager in the Azure Compute Team focused on Azure Container Instances.  Azure Container Instances is a new service from Azure which makes it very easy to spin up containers in the Azure cloud.  Primary features of ACI include no VM management, per-second billing, […]

Microsoft Azure Storage Overview | Microsoft Azure Training | Microsoft Azure Tutorial | Edureka

1 week ago
In this Edureka YouTube live session, we will show you how to create a storage account in azure, and then move on to use its components i.e blobs, queues, tables and file storage. Below are the topics we will cover in this live session: 1. Why Azure Storage? 2. Storage vs Database 3. What is […]

Table API for Azure Cosmos DB

1 week ago
Aravind Krishna shows Scott Hanselman how to get started with the Table API for Azure Cosmos DB, the globally distributed multi-model database. Using the API, applications running on Azure Table storage can take advantage of secondary indexes, turnkey global distribution, dedicated throughput, and single digit millisecond latency with 99.99% comprehensive SLAs. See Github(Table API) for […]

Graphs with Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API

1 week ago
Kirill Gavrylyuk talks Azure Cosmos DB and Graphs with Scott, exploring why we need graphs, and what we can we do with graphs on Azure Cosmos DB. Azure Cosmos DB offers native graph gremlin API support in addition MongoDB, SQL, and others. Graphs in Azure Cosmos DB also enjoy the same global distribution, low latency, […]

Tuesdays with Corey: Kubernetes Connector for Azure Container Instances!

1 week ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Sean McKenna, Principal PM responsible for the newly launched Azure Container Instances – this time talking about the Kubernetes connector.  Check out: QuickStart: Get your First Azure Container Instance up and running Blog Post: Corey announcing ACI Kubernetes Connector for Azure Container […]

Azure Cloud Shell

2 weeks ago
Justin Luk joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the Azure Cloud Shell, a browser-based shell experience hosted in the cloud. With Cloud Shell’s built-in authentication and pre-installed tools, getting work done on Azure has never been easier. For more information, see: Azure Cloud Shell (docs) Azure Cloud Shell (overview) Follow @SHanselman Follow @AzureFriday Follow @whosjluk

Microsoft Driving Digital Transformation in Health Event Keynote

2 weeks ago
Dr Simon Kos, Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft takes us through Microsoft’s vision for driving digital transformation in health. 

Using Kubernetes with Azure Container Instances

2 weeks ago
Brendan Burns joins Donovan Brown to discuss the use of Kubernetes with Azure Container Instances. The Azure Container Instances Connector for Kubernetes allows Kubernetes clusters to deploy Azure Container Instances, which enables on-demand and nearly instantaneous container compute, orchestrated by Kubernetes, without having VM infrastructure to manage and while still leveraging the portable Kubernetes API. […]

Azure Container Instances

2 weeks ago
Sean McKenna joins Donovan Brown to talk about the newest service in Azure, Azure Container Instances. Azure Container Instances makes it possible to run Linux and Windows containers directly on Azure infrastructure, without setting up and managing VMs and without adopting a higher-level service. See how easy it is to create and manage containers with the […]

Microsoft 365 Business First Run Experience

2 weeks ago
Follow along as we show you how to setup Microsoft 365 Business for your organization.