さあ Microsoft Translator ライブ機能を体験しよう!

3 weeks ago
相手の言葉を話せないとしても、違った言語でいろんな人たちとリアルタイムで会話をしてみたいと思いませんか。Microsoft Translatorライブ機能で、今お使いのデバイスが、自分の個人用の多言語翻訳機になります。「始めよう」の動画を見て、デバイス間でアプリを始めてみてください。詳細については、http://translate.itを参照してください。 ライブ機能がどのように使われているかを知るには、次のデモ動画をご覧下さい。ここでは、英語とフランス語とドイツ語が話されていて、それが、イタリア語のスピーチとテキストに変換されています。 いろんな状況でこの機能がどのように役立っているかご覧下さい。

Use Helm with Azure Container Service and Kubernetes

3 weeks ago
Anthony Howe joins Scott Hanselman to talk about and demo Helm in Azure Container Service, which is a package manager for Kubernetes that enables the community to share best practices for installing distributed applications, such as from KubeApps. 

Azure Container Registry General Availability

3 weeks ago
Steve Lasker joins Scott Hanselman to demo & discuss Azure Container Registry, which was in preview since November 2016. Since then, we have received a lot of valuable feedback from customers that we’ve worked to incorporate, which enables us to move Azure Container Registry to GA.

A conversation with Yoshua Bengio and Microsoft’s Harry Shum

3 weeks ago
When Microsoft acquired deep learning startup Maluuba in January, Maluuba’s highly respected advisor, the deep learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio, agreed to continue advising Microsoft on its artificial intelligence efforts. Bengio, head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, recently visited Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, campus, and took some time for a chat. Read the full conversation […]

Episode 145: Welcoming our new AI Overlords with David Crook

3 weeks ago
We talk with David Crook about using machine learning and Azure to program self-driving autonomous vehicles.  Is 1 monitor better than 2? Async/Await vs JavaScript promises. And we learn Carl is a Cylon. Subscribe in any podcast app by searching for "ms dev show"   Subscribe on YouTube ➥: Watch on Channel 9 ➥: […]

Cloud Gal: Oana Platon (Ep. 1)

1 month ago
In the pilot episode of Cloud Gal, we talk to Oana Platon, Senior Developer in Azure Service Fabric. Oana shares her technical and mathematical history, her technical passions, role models, work/life balance and self care, and provides an overview of Azure Service Fabric.

Microsoft’s Open Approach to Networking

3 weeks ago
At Microsoft, we are focused on enabling our customers by supporting all the technologies they depend on, and collaborating across organizational and industrial boundaries to bring the best possible experience to the cloud. Microsoft embraces open source and partner ecosystems to scale our own development efforts and accelerate innovation.

Skype for Business at Microsoft (SME roundtable March 2017)

3 weeks ago
IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts from our Skype for Business at Microsoft course to answer questions about how Microsoft IT implements, maintains, and supports Skype for Business at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss Skype Meeting Broadcast, Skype fax service, new features, hardware requirements, security considerations, and much more. These questions — and […]

SharePoint at Microsoft (SME roundtable March 2017)

3 weeks ago
IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts from our SharePoint at Microsoft course to answer questions about how Microsoft IT designs, develops, implements, governs, upgrades, and supports SharePoint at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss Microsoft Teams, MyAnalytics, search technologies, custom user data, the Office 365 app launcher, third-party tools, taxonomy, access from iOS and […]

Leveraging Open Source on Azure Government

3 weeks ago
In an increasingly fast-paced world, organizations are constantly looking for ways to streamline their development processes. The government in particular has embraced open source technology as a means to speed development, enable re-use, and reduce costs to taxpayers. This demo-heavy session will show numerous examples (Red Hat, Docker and others) of leveraging open source technology […]

Episode 226: Microsoft R Server Solutions

4 weeks ago
Continuing our mini-series on Machine Learning, in this episode we will be focusing on Microsoft R Server solutions with our guest Bharath Sankaranarayan, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft R product team. In this episode we cover "Campaign Optimization – Predicting How and When to Contact Leads" and then "Predicting Hospital Length of Stay" solutions developed leveraging SQL Server […]

Azure Monitor

4 weeks ago
John Kemnetz joins Scott Hanselman to show how to unlock the power of Azure monitoring data with Azure Monitor. Azure Monitor is the built-in platform monitoring service that provides a single pipeline for monitoring and diagnostics data across all Azure services, enabling you to monitor, diagnose, and get alerts & notifications of problems in your […]