Meet Lella, a teen IBM Bluemix Developer

5 days ago
See how Lella has inspired hundreds of IBMers by talking sharing her passion for coding, her fascination of IBM Bluemix, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and a World of Watson.

Abby Kearns talks about the developer engagement focus in the Cloud Foundry

1 week ago
Abby Kearns, Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation, talks about the developer engagement focus in the Cloud Foundry and the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit. Learn more at

Devoxx US 2017: Watson and the cognitive developer team up

2 weeks ago
For links to the resources in this episode, go to At Devoxx US 2017, Senior Technologist Sandhya Kapoor talks about her time with IBM, discusses where cognitive computing is going, where machine and deep learning techniques can take you, and what women should do to move forward in software development and design. Sandhya and […]

Container services for faster app development

2 weeks ago
IBM and Kubernetes have expanded container services so developers can build faster with secure virtualization. Learn more:

3 Reasons to leverage Bluemix Garage

2 weeks ago
Building cognitive applications that fit IBM Cloud, gaining cloud platform expertise, and adopting the Garage Method for better design and delivery are all reasons clients leverage the Bluemix Garage. Learn more:

Create a security-based machine-learning front end

2 weeks ago
Ori Pomerantz walks you though the steps on how to create a security-based machine-learning front end. Learn how to program your machine-learning front end to identify security inconsistencies in your Node.js applications.

Kent Council Recruits More – Oracle Talent Management Cloud

3 weeks ago
Richard Vince, Professional Services Manager, Business Service Centre, Kent County Council, discusses how Oracle Talent Management helps improve their recruiting processes, attract the right talent, and make it easier for people to apply for jobs.

DevOxx US 2017: How to be serverless and Swift

3 weeks ago
Links to resources in this video at Can you be both serverless and Swift in today’s environment? Of course you can – you just have to do it correctly. STSM and Lead for IBM Cloud Platform Animesh Singh provides a synopsis of his session at the recent DevOxx US conference, starting with a discussion […]

MBX: Myths and Realities of the Future of Work

3 weeks ago
Watch Professor James Woudhuysen of South Bank University deliver a keynote at the 2017 Modern Business Experience in London. Professor Woudhuysen questions some of the perceived wisdom about IT to highlight where real opportunities may be found.

¿Qué es PaaS?

4 weeks ago
Video intro to PaaS concept.

Manage microservice apps in Bluemix with automated quality gates

1 month ago
As a developer, I can deliver changes and get immediate feedback on the production readiness of my changes for production. Create an issue from GitLab to introduce new load tests. Deliver new code from the WebIDE and Git web console. Follow progress of the change through the Composite Pipeline. Review of the Production Stage gate. […]

Building a Web App Using Bluemix CLI Dev Plugin

1 month ago
Try Cloud Native Development on Bluemix! IBM Bluemix makes cloud and mobile app developers more productive in building cognitive apps. This video shows how to use the Bluemix CLI Dev plugin to create a web app that connects to App ID authentication service.