Behind the Scenes: How a major US research university used Azure & DevOps to Deploy back-end & Student VMs

2 weeks ago
A major US research university partnered with Microsoft to learn how Azure infrastructure, the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service, and DevOps best practices could better address their need to quickly, easily, and consistently onboard classroom and student infrastructure. This included back-end servers, storage, and networking as well as student virtual machines (VM), organizational […]

Offline Quickstart

4 weeks ago
One of the best features of Progressive Web Apps is their ability to function even when offline. This video explains how to use the service worker and Cache API to make a simple app work offline. Codelabs, slides and more information are available from the Progressive Web Apps Training home page:

Working with Responsive Images

4 weeks ago
There are two major issues to consider when working with images on the web: performance and responsiveness. This video describes a set of techniques to make your images load as quickly as possible and work well in any form factor. Codelabs, slides and more information are available from the Progressive Web Apps Training home page: […]

World Wide Technology Stay 100% in Compliance with GTM Cloud

4 weeks ago
Yuri Azov, Supervisor Global Trade Compliance at World Wide Technology, uses everyday Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud and loves it. They use GTM in multiple locations worldwide, seamlessly sending information back and forth to Oracle EBS.

Crane Gets Fast Return on Their Investment with GTM Cloud

4 weeks ago
Rahul Singh, Business Systems Manager at Crane, explains how they went live on Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud in just 10 weeks. “Our transition to the cloud was a very smooth one.”

Virtual Story Telling through Virtual World Building

2 months ago
We’ll discuss how we’ve gone from cave paintings on walls to immersive virtual worlds and what technology will serve as the platform to enable continuing these stories. We’ll look under the hook for developing on platforms like Improbable’s SpatialOS which allows you to build scalable and persistent worlds in a Virtual environment.

The 10 Factors Fuelling Employee Engagement

2 months ago
Discover what you can do today to create a true culture of employee engagement.

The Developer Show (TL;DR 062)

2 months ago
LinkedIn uses Android Studio: Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder: Faster 3D rendering with WebGL 2.0: An Upgrade to SyntaxNet: Distill: Supporting Clarity in Machine Learning: Profiling your Realtime Database Performance: Native Express Video: Highlights: LinkedIn and Android Studio, Distill (Machine Learning), SyntaxNet upgrade The Developer Show […]

Google Developer Day Keynote

2 months ago
Learn how Google is ramping up efforts to help game developers grow their businesses and make Android a great platform for games. From Play store updates optimized for discovery and engagement, to performance upgrades making high fidelity gaming come to life on Android devices, 2017 will be another year full of exciting gaming experiences.

Future Tech: New Games in New Places

2 months ago
Learn about three new game-related projects in development at Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group: Soli, Jacquard, and Spotlight Stories. These future-tech capabilities enable completely new game experiences. How will you use them?

Launching Successful VR and AR Games with Google

2 months ago
Immersive computing (AR and VR) will redefine the way we interact with information and experience the world. That’s why Google created Daydream for VR and Tango for AR. This talk will give developers an understanding of the two platforms, discuss opportunities for developers on each, discuss how Google can potentially partner with developers on projects, […]

Interactive Storytelling with Daydream & Jump

2 months ago
VR is the next great storytelling medium. People can now experience and truly be inside of stories and places in a way that isn’t possible with a 2d screen, and goes beyond just a linear narrative. VR makes it possible not just to transport people to another world, but to take people to amazing places […]