Securing the modern enterprise with Windows Defender and Windows Defender ATP

1 week ago
Learn how Microsoft IT helps protect and secure our enterprise network against malware and advanced attacks. Brian Hooper, Senior Security Engineer in Microsoft IT, and Daryl Pecelj, Senior Security Architect in Microsoft IT, discuss Windows Defender and how we use Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to monitor the network for anomalous behavior that may […]

Create a security-based machine-learning front end

2 weeks ago
Ori Pomerantz walks you though the steps on how to create a security-based machine-learning front end. Learn how to program your machine-learning front end to identify security inconsistencies in your Node.js applications.

Business-Critical Innovation for the NEXT Generation Utility

2 weeks ago
Oracle Utilities provides business-critical solutions and technology innovation to electric, gas and water utilities worldwide.

Azure Network Security

4 weeks ago
In Azure, security is built in at every step—design, code development, monitoring, operations, threat intelligence, and response.

Proxied Access

1 month ago
Suppose I have a multi-tenant cloud application. Suppose you are one of my users. Suppose I need to login as you for support. What are some ways I can setup security so you know I’m me?

Securing SOAP and REST

1 month ago
A quick run down of security options for SOAP and REST Web services and APIs.

Android Security: 2016 Year in Review

1 month ago
Adrian Ludwig, Director Android Security, presents the third annual Android Security Year In Review, a comprehensive look at our work to protect more than 1.4 billion Android users and their data. Chapters: – Intro 0:00-3:50 – Summary 3:51-6:40 – Robust Platform 6:41-9:50 – Comprehensive Services 9:51-22:30 – Ecosystem Updates 22:31 – 26:24 – Noteworthy PHAs […]

Enhancing security and reliability with Exchange Online Protection

2 months ago
Join Shad Morris, IT Service Engineer for the Discovery and Collaboration team, as he shares best practices for increasing email security using Exchange Online Protection. He will discuss how Microsoft IT uses both proactive configuration and reactive policies to block threats at the connection, content, and user levels. You will have opportunities to ask questions […]

Secure Coding Guidelines

2 months ago
The how and the why of creating documented guidelines for secure code.

Forging Cookies

2 months ago
When leaked source code plus authentication flaws combines with cookie and user-agent forging, back things happen. Like, billions of user accounts stolen.

SIGNING UP WITH VUE.JS | Laravel + Angular 2 / Vue.js 2

2 months ago
Learn how to use Laravel and Angular 2 or Vue.js 2 together. This videos explains how to create a signup page and send signup information using Vue.js. The full source code can be found in the following Github repo (choose the right branch!): Want to dive deeper into Laravel, Angular 2 or Vue.js 2? […]

Brad Smith at RSA 2017: The Need for a Digital Geneva Convention

2 months ago
At the 2017 RSA Conference, Microsoft President, Brad Smith calls for governments to work together on a Digital Geneva Convention to protect civilians on the internet in times of peace. He also emphasized the critical need for tech companies to commit to never assisting in offensive actions anywhere, and to focus 100 percent on defending […]