Architecture Components: Improve Your App’s Design

1 year ago
Check out the code labs: Lifecycle Architecture Components Codelab: Persistence Architecture Components Codelab: Check out the docs and samples: App Architecture Guide: Architecture Components docs: Architecture Components samples: Build robust Android apps using the new architecture components. New classes and interfaces, such as ViewModel, LiveData and LifecycleObserver, make it easy […]
Learn to Program 26

Learn to Program 26

2 years ago
Code & Transcript : Best Python Book : Support me on Patreon : Many people requested I make one more TkInter tutorial in which I connect a TkInter interface to a database so here it is. This tutorial is also for people that ask me to make an entire application in one […]

TWC9: Connect();’ing to Dev’s, A Bridge to iOS, Early Ignite, Minecraft, Windows is 30 and more…

3 years ago
This week on Channel 9, Mark and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:25] Connect(); On Demand [01:23] Announcing .NET Core and ASP.NET 5 RC [Rich Lander] [02:42] News and Announcements at Connect(); //2015 [John Montgomery] [03:36] Announcing Public Preview for Visual Studio Team Services Code Search [Biju Venugopal] [04:32] Windows Bridge for […]