Interview With Urja Gandhi, Software Engineer, Expedia

16 hours ago
Golnaz sits down with Urja Gandhi, Software Engineer at Expedia. Urja started off her career at AT&T working in India then moved to the U.S and started working at Microsoft and has since transitioned to Expedia. Follow her career journey in this episode of GALs. Founding partner & Mentor at University of Washington Husky Tech Founder […]

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Don’t Make UX Design Harder Than It Actually Is – UI/UX Design Talk

4 days ago
Learn Product UI/UX Design at In this video, I talk about the issue of people making UX Design more complex than it needs to be. People are always looking for this special UX principle or method, but the truth is, there is none. There are only simple essential things you need to learn to […]

pfSense Firewall – Setup, Install, Manage – Free Crash Course

4 days ago
Crash Course: Manage Network Security With pfSense Firewall Enroll Free: In this course, you’ll learn about pfSense, all of its key features, how you can install and deploy it, as well as the different tasks you can perform. – You’ll learn about pfSense. – You will gain an understanding of what pfSense is, its […]

How to Write & Run a Test Case in Selenium | Selenium Tutorial | Selenium Training | Edureka

5 days ago
** Selenium Training : ** This Edureka Selenium tutorial video (Selenium Blog Series: on “How to Write & Run a Test Case in Selenium” will give you an introduction to automated software testing tool – Selenium. Watch the video till the end, this selenium tutorial will help you in writing and running your […]

So Much Confusion, So Many UX Design Titles [Clearly Explained] – UI/UX Design Talk

6 days ago – Learn Product UI/UX Design Today! In this video, I clearly explain and summarize all the difference (or not) between all the various titles under the UX umbrella.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Microsoft Azure | Azure Certification Training | Edureka

6 days ago
** Microsoft Azure Certification Training : ** This Edureka “Top 10 Reasons To Learn Azure” video will give enough reasons why you must learn Azure and tell you why it is one of the leading Cloud providers. Following are the reasons why one should opt for AWS: 1. The Final Few 2. Cost Efficient […]


7 days ago
Overview of PKI Part of a secure engineering web app found here: Music by IBM Contact: Bryan Childs

C++ Tutorial 16 : C++ Threads

1 week ago
Get the Code : Best C++ Book : In this part of my C++ Tutorial I’ll be focusing on Threads. We’ll cover how to create, pause, and pool threads. We will then compare how long it takes to generate a list of prime numbers with and without threads. Also we’ll check out […]

Data filtering in angular component

1 week ago
In this video we will discuss implementing the data filter logic in an Angular component so we have better control on when that code should and shouldn’t execute. Text version of the video Slides Angular CRUD Tutorial Angular CRUD Tutorial Text Articles & Slides All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in […]

Modern Customer Experience 2018 Highlights

2 weeks ago
Watch highlights of the legendary Modern Customer Experience 2018 conference held in Chicago April 10-12, 2018.

CSS-Tricks Screencast #159: Vue

2 weeks ago
Sarah Drasner and I dig into Vue! Vue is a very popular JavaScript framework that is absolutely exploding. Sarah is on the core team and is about the most passionate fan of Vue I’ve ever known.