C++ Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi(Inheritance:2)-17

23 hours ago
Multilevel Inheritance

Giant Holiday Giveaway 2017

1 day ago
Enter the giveaway here ➢ Hey guys, first of all: Thank you for your support over the years and I hope that I can continue to add value to your lives with my YouTube channel in 2018. I’m so happy to announce that myself along with many of your favourite iOS YouTubers have come […]

Angular routing and navigation

2 days ago
In this video we will discuss setting up routing in our sample application. The routing techniques discussed in this video can be used with Angular 2 and later versions. The same techniques will also work in Angular 4 and Angular 5. Here are the steps in short 1. Set base href in the application host […]

How to Become a Rockstar at Your New UI/UX Design Job/Company – Tips & Advice

3 days ago – In this video, I offer my advice on how to become a rockstar at your new UI/UX Design job or current job. Become a Linchpin.

Efficient Detection for Malicious and Random Errors in Additive Encrypted Computation (0118)

3 days ago
Although data confidentiality is the primary security objective in additive encrypted computation applications, such as the aggregation of encrypted votes in electronic elections, ensuring the trustworthiness of data is equally important. And yet, integrity protections are generally orthogonal to additive homomorphic encryption, which enables efficient encrypted computation, due to the inherent malleability of homomorphic ciphertexts. […]

AgriKites, Learning with Aerial Sensors in Agriculture

3 days ago
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Full Stack Developer Tutorial | Full Stack Web Development Tutorial | Mean Stack Tutorial | Edureka

4 days ago
In this Edureka live session on Full Stack development, you will learn how to build a MEAN stack application from scratch. Below are the technologies that will be used to build a fully functional web application in this live session: 1. MongoDB 2. Express 3. Node 4. Angular

Build a Chatbot with Watson APIs Trailer

4 days ago
Treehouse has teamed up with IBM Watson to create this course so you can get started for free with IBM Cloud Lite! Join Treehouse today and start your free trial! Learn how to build websites and apps, write code, or start a business at Treehouse. Learn from over 1,000 videos created by our expert […]

Interview with Harini Gupta, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

5 days ago
In this episode of GALs, Soumouw interviews Harini Gupta, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.  Harini has been working at Microsoft for 11 years with plenty of experience in developing and shipping software that is used by billions of people. She has spent most of her career as a software developer/engineer. Switched roles in the last 2 years […]

Angular project setup

6 days ago
This is Part 1 of Angular CRUD tutorial. In this video and in our upcoming videos in this series we will discuss performing CRUD operations in Angular i.e Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting in Angular with simple examples. Setting up a new angular project from scratch is a tedious and time consuming process. However, Angular […]

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2018 | Trending Technologies 2018 | Edureka

6 days ago
This Edureka “Top 10 Technologies in 2018” video will introduce you to all the popular and trending technologies in the market. These are the trending technologies that you need to watch for in order to make a good career in the upcoming year of 2018. Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the […]

C++ Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi(Inheritance)-16

1 week ago
Inheritance, Access Modifier, Protected Scope,Types Of Inheritance, Single Level, Multilevel, Hierarchical, Multiple, Hybrid, Examples Of Single Level Inheritance