Inheritance in Java

1 day ago
In this tutorial we will discuss the real world analogy for inheritance. We will also discuss base and child classes in java. What is a Base Class in Java – also called superclass or parent class What is a Derived Class in Java – also called subclass or child class What is inherited by derived […]

Beyond Burger

3 days ago
Get $5 for Free from Amazon : Where to Buy the Beyond Burger : Tonight is the first Random Live Stream Friday at 6PM EST! These are going to be the weird videos that people request that just don’t fit in any place else. They will focus on no reoccurring topic and will […]

Treehouse LiveCoding: Coding Tests

4 days ago
Learn Python Programming at Treehouse! Python is a widespread, general purpose, open source programming language used for many different purposes. Focusing on a clean syntax and ease of use, it’s great for beginners and professionals alike. Join Treehouse today and start your free trial! Learn how to build websites and apps, write code, or […]

The TALOS Principle Live Stream C2

4 days ago
Random Live Stream Friday will be tomorrow at 6PM EST / New York Time In this Live Stream I beat every puzzle in the C2 level of The TALOS Principle. This time we have a new platform tool which mixes up the puzzles and introduces a new level of complexity. I actually loved these puzzles. […]

Dynamic sql table name variable

4 days ago
Text version of the video Slides All SQL Server Text Articles All SQL Server Slides All SQL Server Tutorial Videos All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in English All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in Arabic In this video we will discuss how to pass table name […]

Surface Dial app partners, Forza Racing Championship, and more

5 days ago
This Week on Windows:  just in time for the Windows 10 Creators Update we’ve got a host of new app partners for Surface Dial, Forza gets a new car pack and embarks on the 3rd season of its Racing Championship – all thanks to a Porsche partnership. Plus, we give you tips and tricks to […]

RxJS – What and Why?

5 days ago
What’s RxJS and why could we use it? Let’s start diving into it in this video! Want to become a frontend developer? Consider diving into some of my courses on Udemy: Ionic 2 – The Practical Guide for only $15: Angular – The Complete Guide for only $15, too: Vue.js 2 – The […]

Informatica Training – 2 | Informatica PowerCenter Tutorial | Informatica Online Training | Edureka

5 days ago
This Edureka Informatica Training video will help you in understanding the various components of Informatica PowerCenter in detail with examples. Check our Informatica playlist here What is Informatica Blog: This video helps you to learn following topics : 1) What is Informatica PowerCenter? 2) Informatica PowerCenter Overview 3) Informatica PowerCenter Repository Manager 4) […]

Access modifiers in Java

5 days ago
In this tutorial, we will discuss about classes and objects in object oriented programming language Java. We will learn the syntax of class declaration and dive deep into access modifiers in Java. As the name suggests access modifiers in Java helps to restrict the scope of a class, constructor , variable , method or data […]

Salesforce Tutorial For Beginners | Introduction To Salesforce | Salesforce Training | Edureka

6 days ago
This Salesforce tutorial video will give you a complete overview of Salesforce platform. The benefits of Salesforce as a CRM Solution and a demo of the console will also be covered in this Salesforcce tutorial. Do watch the video till the end to witness a demnstration on the following topics: 1. Salesforce Apps & […]

Elixir Tutorial

6 days ago
Get The Code Here : Best Elixir Book : Install Elixir : In this tutorial I will cover the core syntax of the Elixir language in one video. I list below a rough overview of what is covered with time stamps so you can easily jump to what interests you. You can […]

exec vs sp executesql in sql server

6 days ago
Text version of the video Slides Dot Net & SQL Server Tutorials In this video we will discuss the difference between exec and sp_executesql. In SQL Servere we have 2 options to execute dynamic sql 1. Exec/Execute 2. sp_executesql We discussed sp_executesql in detail in Part 138 of SQL Server tutorial. Please […]