SQL Prompt in 30 seconds

1 year ago
Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly in SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio. Try SQL Prompt free:

Welcome to Project Jacquard

3 years ago
Project Jacquard is a new system for weaving technology into fabric, transforming everyday objects, like clothes, into interactive surfaces. Project Jacquard will allow designers and developers to build connected, touch-sensitive textiles into their own products. This is just the beginning, and we’re very excited to see what people will do with it. Learn more at […]

SQL Compare in 30 seconds

1 year ago
SQL Compare is the fastest way to compare & deploy SQL Server database schemas. Find and fix errors, and create deployment scripts in minutes. Try it free for 14 days:
Introduction to Programs Data Types and Variables

Introduction to Programs Data Types and Variables

7 years ago
Writing a basic program. Basics of data types, variables and conditional statements
Project Tango – Journey

Project Tango – Journey

4 years ago
Over the past 18 months, Project Tango has been collaborating with robotics laboratories from around the world to concentrate the past decade of research and computer vision into a new class of mobile device.

How to Select Your First Programming Language

8 months ago
One of the hardest questions you’ll ask when you start tackling programming is ‘what language should I learn first?’ – let’s talk through some of the concerns you might have: It feels final It feels like if you choose a language that you’re making a final decision about what you’re going to be doing for […]

Benchmark your Database DevOps maturity level

10 months ago
How mature are your Database DevOps practises? Complete Redgate’s Database DevOps Maturity Assessment and get tips for improvements. Try it now:

What You Need to Know to be a Front End Developer in 2018

6 months ago
Learn Front End Development skills at Treehouse with a free 7-day trial! Trends in Front End Development are always changing — what worked yesterday may not work today. This can make being a Front End Developer pretty challenging! But what’s most challenging about being a Front End Developer is also what’s most exciting – […]
Python vs PHP Comparison

Python vs PHP Comparison

5 years ago
Premium Full Courses @ This is a basic comparison of the languages and why I really like Python. I still like PHP, but I really like python. Note: Im referencing Python 2.7 and PHP 5.3/5.4

Kotlin Tutorial

1 year ago
Get the Code Here : Best Kotlin Book : Donate on Patreon : Kotlin is a fantastic language that improves greatly upon Java and at the same time can use all Java libraries and frameworks. It provides both the power of OOP and functional programming. It is quickly becoming the language of […]
Learn TypeScript for beginners

Learn TypeScript for beginners

2 years ago
Learn TypeScript in 45 minutes. Learn AngularJS Step by Step in 8 hour :- Learn MVC 5 in 16 hours:- Learn Design Pattern in 8 hours:- Learn C# in 100 hours :- Learn MSBI in 32 hours:- Learn SharePoint in 8 hours:-

Cakephp Blog Tutorial Part 1 – Installation

8 years ago
A tutorial for installing the Cakephp framework in preparation of my Cakephp blog tutorials. Source files for future videos will be able to be downloaded from my website at You can also read this tutorial on my website as well: