C++ Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi(Class And Object)-VI

2 weeks ago
Introduction To User Defined Class, Rules For Declaration Of Class, Object, Access Modifiers, Public, Private, Protected, Scope Of Declaration Of Data Member And Member Function, Data Member, Member Function Of Class, Create Object Of Class

How to Make Video Games 24 : Make Zelda 1

2 weeks ago
Get the Sprite Sheet : Best Unity 2D Book : This is the first part of my video series in which I will make a Legend of Zelda clone. I get asked all the time to cover how to make pixel art, so I’ll cover that first. I’ll show exactly how I […]

Learn Apache OpenWhisk by building a weather bot

2 weeks ago
IBM Cloud Functions is based on Apache OpenWhisk. In the process of creating a weather bot that uses IBM’s Weather Company Data service and Slack, you’ll learn to create independent functions in the language of your choice (Node.js, Swift, Java, Python), and then run them together in the best sequence. You’ll explore IBM Cloud Functions’ […]

Installing Kubernetes on Bare Metal with Tectonic

2 weeks ago
This video is a step by step guide that shows how to install a Tectonic Kubernetes cluster on a bare metal environment.

My Thoughts on Personal Branding & Portfolio Websites – UI/UX Design

2 weeks ago – In this video, I talk about the importance of personal branding within your personal hosted website. Having a personal hosted website with a strong personal brand presence helps builds relationships quicker.

Angular CLI project structure 1

2 weeks ago
In this video we will discuss the Angular project structure. I have split this into 2 videos. In this video, we will discuss all the files and folders in the Angular project, except the “src” folder and it’s contents. In our next video we will discuss the “src” folder and it’s contents. One of the […]

A Detailed Glimpse into My UI/UX Design Prep Work – Requirements & User Stories

2 weeks ago – In this video, I share a glimpse into my UI/UX Design process and specifically show you what requirements and user stories are and how I do my prep work.

What Is DevOps? | Introduction To DevOps | DevOps Tools | DevOps Tutorial | DevOps Training |Edureka

2 weeks ago
In this Edureka Devops tutorial, you will learn what is DevOps, and why it is the most efficient software development methodology today. The following topics have been covered in the session today: 1. Software Development Challenges 2. How Does DevOps Minimize Challenges? 3. DevOps Tools & Techniques 4. Demand For DevOps Engineers 5. Hands-on: DevOps […]

Angular CLI configuration file

2 weeks ago
In this video we will discuss the significance of the Angular CLI configuration file (.angular-cli.json). This is the configuration file that the Angular CLI uses. The settings from this file are used when we 1. Generate angular features likes components, pipes, services etc 2. Run unit and end-to-end tests 3. Build the application etc. We […]

Prep Work is Vital to Your UI Design Process – UI/UX Design

2 weeks ago – In this video, I talk about the importance of prep work before jumping into your UI Designs. This helps you avoid creative block.

What is ServiceNow | ServiceNow Tutorial for Beginners | ServiceNow Administrator Training | Edureka

2 weeks ago
This Edureka ServiceNow tutorial on “What is ServiceNow” will help you to get started with ServiceNow. This video mostly focuses on the points like Cloud and Cloud Services, ServiceNow, ServiceNow architecture and versions. Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above. #ServiceNow #WhatIsServiceNow #ServiceNowCertification #ServiceNowCertifiedSystemAdministrator #ServiceNowPlatform —————————————————————— How it Works? […]

Cloth Animation Retrieval Using a Motion-Shape Signature

2 weeks ago
This article introduces a feature vector that is used as a motion-shape signature to capture the spatiotemporal shape characteristics of cloth and can be applied as a similarity measure for physics-based cloth animations. This video provides a comparison of various sequences from the study’s experimental results.