Align Your Personal Projects with Your Dream Job – UI/UX Design Advice

7 months ago – In this video, I talk about the types of personal projects you should be working on to build up your UI/UX Design Portfolio. Work on projects that is inline with they type of work you want to do (i.e. the type of company you see yourself working for).

How Ticketmaster is Ensuring Market Success with Containers and Kubernetes

7 months ago
More than ever, it has become imperative that today’s fast-moving enterprises modernize their IT infrastructure and operations and improve their capacity to meet demand. For many companies, accomplishing this goal means containerizing products and applications and managing those containers with Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform. Ticketmaster is one such company.

Showing Your Process on Your Portfolio – UI/UX Design Portfolio Advice

7 months ago – In this video I share quick advice when it comes to showing your process within your UI/UX Design portfolio.

Live With Level Up Tuts – Figma For Component Based Design

7 months ago
In this stream, I’ll be showing Figma and how I use it to level up my design process. Mastering Figma: 10% off using coupon code “lutfigma”

Angular cli generate service

7 months ago
In this video we will discuss generating services using the Angular CLI. Generating services is similar to generating components. To generate a component we use ng generate component componentName or ng g c componentName Similarly to generate a service we use ng generate service serviceName or ng g s serviceName For example. to generate a […]

Crochet Stuffed Animals

7 months ago
Get the Free Pattern : Favorite Crochet Book : Learn to Crochet : Learn to Crochet Hats : First I covered How to Crochet and then How to Crochet Hats. In this video tutorial I’ll cover How to Crochet Stuffed Animals. The techniques documented here can be used to make numerous […]

Angular cli generate component

7 months ago
In this video we will discuss generating components using Angular CLI. You must have the npm packages installed to be able to generate components using Angular CLI. Otherwise when we try to generate components using the ng generate command we will get the following error. node_modules appears empty, you may need to run ‘npm install’ […]

UiPath Tutorial For Beginners | RPA Tutorial For Beginners | UiPath Training Online | Edureka

7 months ago
In this Edureka “UiPath Tutorial For Beginners” you will get an introduction to the leading RPA tool – Uipath. Towards the end, we will also be doing hands-on using UiPath. Following are the topics that we are covering: 1. What is RPA? 2. RPA Tools 3. Installing UiPath 4. Project Types in UiPath 5. UiComponents […]

Angular CLI project structure 2

7 months ago
In this video we will discuss the “src” folder and it’s contents src folder : As the name implies, this folder contains all our angular project source code. Components, templates, pipes, services, images, styles etc that our angular application needs are present in this folder. The rest of the files and folders that are present […]

Not Allowed to Display Work on Your Portfolio, Now What? – UI/UX Design

7 months ago – In this video, I talk about how to deal with not being able to display your UI/UX Design work on your portfolio (from your job). There are things you can do to still take advantage of all the work you’ve done on the job.

C++ Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi(Class And Object)-VI

8 months ago
Introduction To User Defined Class, Rules For Declaration Of Class, Object, Access Modifiers, Public, Private, Protected, Scope Of Declaration Of Data Member And Member Function, Data Member, Member Function Of Class, Create Object Of Class

How to Make Video Games 24 : Make Zelda 1

8 months ago
Get the Sprite Sheet : Best Unity 2D Book : This is the first part of my video series in which I will make a Legend of Zelda clone. I get asked all the time to cover how to make pixel art, so I’ll cover that first. I’ll show exactly how I […]