DevOps for All (or to borrow from Oprah, You get some DevOps and YOU get some DevOps)

10 hours ago
Microsoft’s Abel Wang shares his insights into the importance of DevOps. DevOps is the union of people, process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. This is so important in our world today but is difficult to do right. See how easy it can be to implement Zero to DevOps […]

Centroid Delivers Million Dollar Savings With Oracle Cloud

19 hours ago
Centroid takes large automotive provider from on-premises to Oracle Cloud in a seamless global rollout. Provisioning is slashed from days to minutes while savings total about one million dollars and will continue to multiply across the globe.

“How to Advance Your Career as a Woman in Tech” with Holly Files

21 hours ago
Holly Files is an accomplished technology services and operations leader with 30 years’ experience in building and scaling products, teams, and operations to support business outcomes. She is passionate about building customer-focused organizations that enable customer success. She dropped out of college to co-found her first start-up where “the next 7 years were the best […]

Angular select list validation

22 hours ago
In this video, we will discuss Dropdown list validation in Angular with example. Example : We want to make “Department” Dropdownlist a required field. If a department is not selected, we want to validate and display “Department is required” validation error message. As soon as a department is checked, the validation error message should disappear. […]

Data Science Experience: Use Spark R to load data and run SQL queries

1 day ago
This video shows you how to use Spark R to load data, create a Spark DataFrame, aggregate data, run mathematical formulas, and run SQL queries against the data. Find more videos in the Data Science Experience Learning Center at

Getting Started With AWS | Introduction To Amazon Web Services | AWS Tutorial For Beginners |Edureka

1 day ago
( AWS Training: ) This Edureka “Getting Started With AWS” video will help you get started AWS Web Services and will talk about why AWS is the best cloud service provider in the global market. This video would help you understand following topics: 1. Why Cloud? 2. What Is Cloud? 3. Features Of Cloud […]

Oliver Gould on Service Mesh for Microservices, LinkerD, and the Recently Released Conduit

1 day ago
The podcast with show notes is available on InfoQ Listen to CTO of Bouyant Oliver Gould talking to Wes Reisz about service mesh: what a Service Mesh is and can offer a Microservice application owners, and, finally, some of the considerations they took into account developing #Conduit. For more awesome podcasts check InfoQ’s selection: […]

Yoshua Wuyts: Boarding The Choo Train – Lightning Talk – JSConf.Asia 2018

2 days ago
Yoshua introduces Choo: Lightning Talks are 5 minute segments during which interested members of the audience can take the stage and present on a topic dear to their heart. JSConf.Asia – Capitol Theatre, Singapore – 27 January 2018 Source: License: For reuse of this video under a more permissive license please get in […]

Scala Tutorial 19 – Lists

2 days ago
In this video we will cover the basic syntax and capabilities of Lists in Scala. Arrays and Lists Arrays are a fixed length and occupy sequential locations in memory. This makes random access (for example, getting the 37th element) very fast–O(1) . Lists are composed of values linked together. All access starts from the head […]

Magic Mirror – Introduction, Back-end

2 days ago
Now available in 1080p Teaser for the upcoming Magic Mirror tutorial series, available soon. Learn to write a multi-layered reusable back-end using best practices and the new .Net Core 2.0 framework. Download Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition: Downloads | IDE, Code, & Team Foundation Server | Visual Studio Next lesson: Coming soon! Full source code: […]

Blender Tutorial 9 : Blender Modeling

2 days ago
Images & Cheat Sheet : Best Blender Book : In this part of my Blender Tutorial I start creating a more complex model based on Mr. Incredibles car in the movie The Incredibles. I’m going to cover everything at a slower rate so that everyone will know the exact steps for modeling […]

Skeletal Animation with Anima2D 1/6: Overview and Goals

2 days ago
Grab the assets to follow along here: And check out more Online Evangelism live events here: