Factory Design Pattern Introduction

21 hours ago
Text version of the video Slides Design Patterns Tutorial playlist Design Patterns Text articles and slides All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in English All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in Arabic In this session we will learn 1. What is Factory Design Pattern 2. Implementation Guidelines 3. […]

Redis Tutorial for Beginners 7 – Redis Hashes

1 day ago
Redis Hashes are maps between string fields and string values, so they are the perfect data type to represent objects . HDEL key field [field …] Delete one or more hash fields HEXISTS key field Determine if a hash field exists HGET key field Get the value of a hash field HGETALL key Get all […]

F*: Tactics, SMT, and metaprogramming

2 days ago
I’ll present the incipient tactics engine for F*, a programming language aimed at verification with an SMT backend. In the quest to make both F* proofs faster and more reliable and the language itself more extensible, we provide a way for user programs to manipulate internal compiler structures for breaking down proof obligations or computing […]

Laravel for beginners – 5 – Models: Inserts and Relationships

2 days ago
This video is an extension to part four, which covers model relationships and inserting into a database table via a model. Website: Twitter:

Redis Tutorial for Beginners 6 – more commands (SETEX, SETNX, INCR, DECR, MSET…)

2 days ago
SETEX key seconds value Sets the value with the expiry of a key SETNX key value Sets the value of a key, only if the key does not exist SETRANGE key offset value Overwrites the part of a string at the key starting at the specified offset STRLEN key Gets the length of the value […]

Design Basics! (Color, Corners, Shadows : Swift in Xcode)

2 days ago
Massdrop’s Sennheiser 6XX [Sponsored] – Today we dive into the basics of design and learn how to take a button (or any view really) and apply a different color, corner radius, and shadows onto it! Enjoy! 😀 ~Social Stuff~ Twitter – @archetapp Email – Donate (Thank you!) –

Google I/O ’17 Developer Agency Program Mixer

2 days ago
The Google Developers Agency Program Pre I/O mixer is an awesome place to meet all the great developer agencies in the program, mingle with fellow devs, discuss what’s next and party on! Learn more about the program at Register your interest at

How to Make Video Games 15 : Make Super Mario 3

2 days ago
Get the Code : Best Unity 2D Book : In this part of my tutorial on how to make a Super Mario Clone we cover a ton of topics! We cover how to Fix Collision Errors, Fix Scene Errors, AnimationCurve, Moving the UI with the Camera, Block Collisions, Reacting to Collisions from […]

Composition and Inheritance in Declarative Configuration Languages

2 days ago
Configuring large computing installations is a difficult problem — there are many different subsystems involved, all with their own language, and many different people with an interest in overlapping aspects of the overall configuration. Deploying and maintaining a configuration which reliably meets everyone’s “higher-level” requirements is hard, and configuration errors are responsible for a significant […]

Does reordering content affect accessibility?

3 days ago
Check out the demo: While it’s possible to reorder content visually using CSS, we have to be careful that doing so doesn’t throw off the reading order in our page. Today on A11ycasts we’ll look at how you can visually reorder content using flexbox and absolute positioning, and I’ll demonstrate how this affects keyboard […]

Can You Make Money With Apps?

3 days ago
An honest discussion about whether making money with apps on the App Store is possible for beginners. For more tutorials on how to build iPhone apps, make sure you subscribe and visit my site where you’ll find a community of like minded learners! Learning something new is always more fun with other people! Website: […]

TWC9: Windows Community, Open Source @ Microsoft, NuGet gets a New Look and much more…

3 days ago
This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Robert Green and Scott Klein discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:44] Windows Community [01:33] Windows Template Studio 1.2 released! [Clint Rutkas],  [02:38] Gets a Facelift [Jon Chu] [03:45] Open Source at Microsoft [05:09] PowerShell 6.0 Roadmap: CoreCLR, Backwards Compatibility, and More! [Joey Aiello] [06:45] […]