Live Coding | Implementing Security as Code

4 hours ago
Learn more about Twitch on AWS at – Automating build, test and deploy is just the beginning of a Well Architected delivery pipeline. In this broadcast, we’ll code security into DevOps and demonstrate how to validate, protect, monitor and audit applications automatically. Let’s use CloudFormation templates to code AWS CloudTrail, AWS WAF, CloudWatch Logs, […]

Structural Design Patterns Introduction

5 hours ago
In this video we will discuss 1. Introduction to Structural Design Patterns 2. Types of Structural Design Patterns Introduction to Structural Design Patterns : In the previous sessions we have discussed and understood the creational design patterns in detail. We have also learnt which design pattern needs to be applied based on the project requirements. […]

Web RTC – HTTP203

10 hours ago
Ever wondered about WebRTC? Well… wonder no more! Sort of. Surma has been dabbling, and does his best to explain his findings to Jake. #HTTP203 Subscribe to Chrome Developers here: Watch more HTTP203: Listen to the HTTP203 podcast for a full hour conversation & much more: Itunes:

ADAM E3: The Prophet – Trailer

12 hours ago
Created in real time by Oats Studios using Unity, Neill Blomkamp’s latest episode in the ADAM story arrives on 11.30. Who is the Prophet? Check out the new trailer for clues. Episode 1: Episode 2: Oats Website: Home Steam Page: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Unity Website: Twitter: Facebook: […]

Vue Tutorial #9 – Scaling Vue.js Data with Stores

16 hours ago
GET THE SOURCE CODE: Knowing how to scale Vue data is essential, and easily done with Vue.js stores. Vue.js is one of the top 3 Javascript frameworks you should know these days. The Vue framework is extremely simple to learn and fun to use. It’s my tool of choice for small widgets and simple […]

Le PicBois: Wooden Clock

18 hours ago
Patrick Laperriere of Le PicBois makes a gorgeous clock from a simple wooden round. Le PicBois: ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go to a Maker Faire! Subscribe to the Magazine! Twitch.TV: Follow us on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest:

React Redux Tutorial | Redux Tutorial for Beginners | React Redux Training | Edureka

20 hours ago
This Edureka video on React Redux Tutorial will help you in understanding the fundamentals of Redux and help you in integrating Redux with React. This video helps you to learn following topics: 1. Need For Redux 2. What Is Redux? 3. Redux Components 4. Setting Up Components 5. Data Flow 6. React With Redux Subscribe […]

AWS re:Invent 2017 – Campus Overview

1 day ago
Get familiar with the expanded campus for AWS re:Invent 2017 with this short video. Start exploring the re:Invent campus at –

Web Development | Beginner’s Guide | HTML | #3 Diving into HTML

1 day ago
We installed our IDE, so we are ready to go! Let’s dive into HTML and start building our first Web App. In this video, we’ll have a look at the general structure of an HTML file and understand why we need elements. ———- MDN Elements Reference: Code: ———- • You can follow Max […]

IT Expert Roundtable: Skype for Business at Microsoft (October 2017)

1 day ago
Skype for Business experts from Microsoft discuss client version control, problem management and incident resolution, collaboration with Microsoft Teams, tools for monitoring service availability and quality, network infrastructure issues and call quality, spoofed calls, business continuity and disaster recovery—and more. They share candid insights and best practices about how we manage and support Skype for […]

Moleskine Chose Oracle Commerce Cloud

2 days ago
Moleskine, innovative leader in papermaking and writing instruments and accessories design, chose Oracle Commerce Cloud for their extensive online business.

VMware Education Services – Your Path to Success

2 days ago
VMware Education provides training and certification programs designed to grow your skills so you can exploit the opportunities made possible by VMware technology. Learn more at