Scala Tutorial 7 – Scala – IF ELSE Statements

1 day ago
– if (condition) { statements } else { statements } -The value is the value of whichever block is chosen -If the value is to be used, both blocks should have the same type, otherwise the type of the result is the “least upper bound” of the two types – if (condition) { statements } […]

Make: Live – Raspberry Pi Robo Car

2 days ago
We’re building an autonomous car! The Donkey is a Raspberry Pi powered hacked RC car that uses computer vision to navigate it’s environment. We’ll be building it live on location at Sparkfun AVC 2017. Catch up on the project here: Sparkfun AVC 2017: Learn more about this project:

Terraform With Azure

2 days ago
Learn Cloud Infrastructure Automation and provisioning of Microsoft Azure cloud services with HashiCorp Terraform.

C++ Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi(Inline Function)-VII

2 days ago
Examples Of Online Function, Inline Keyword, Features Of Inline Function, Drawback, Limitations

How to Make Video Games 25 : Make Zelda 2

2 days ago
Get the Free Sprites : Best 2D Game Book : In this part of my Video Game Tutorial I’m going to setup all of my Zelda clones assets and create the entire board. These techniques can be utilized to make games in multiple frameworks. I a future video I’ll also show you […]

What’s New with AWS – Week of Oct 9, 2017

3 days ago
Learn What’s New with AWS at – Find out what’s new this week (10/9/17) with Amazon EC2 Container Registry, EC2 and AWS Lambda@Edge.

Testing Shadow DOM with aXe Coconut – A11ycasts #26

3 days ago
Today we’re going to look at aXe Coconut, the leading edge of the aXe developer toolchain. You can think of aXe Coconut kind of like Chrome Canary or Firefox Nightly. It’s a preview channel for developers to test out new versions of the library and offer feedback before they hit the stable version. One of […]

Taking Complexity Out of Data Science with AWS and Zoomdata

3 days ago
Learn more about AWS at – Zoomdata helps you find quick and easy solutions for even the most complicated Big Data challenges. To meet their Big Data challenges, Blue Canopy designed an AWS-based Data Science Workstation (DSWS) with Zoomdata’s blazing-fast, secure data analysis and visualization platform. Blue Canopy provides information technology and cyber security […]

Chrome 62 – What’s New in DevTools

3 days ago
New to DevTools in Chrome 62: screenshots of HTML nodes and portions of the viewport, top-level await operators in the Console, negative and URL filters in the Console, the new queryObjects API, CSS Grid highlighting, HAR imports, block-level code coverage, and improved cache debugging. Check out the blog version of these release notes here: […]

Automating NIST 800-171 Compliance in AWS GovCloud (US)

3 days ago
Are you a systems integrator (SI), small, or mid-size enterpriser required to secure controlled unclassified Information (CUI) data in order to meet NIST 800-171 security requirements? In this video you will learn how to simplify and automate compliance for your government customers and how to architect and document IT workloads to meet NIST 800-171 security […]

Azure Application Service Environments v2: Private PaaS Environments in the Cloud

3 days ago
An App Service Environment v2 is a fully isolated and dedicated environment for securely running Azure App Service apps at high scale, including Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and API Apps. It is essentially a deployment of the Azure App Service into a subnet of your network, so think of it as your private Platform-as-a-Service environment […]

How United Airlines Ensures Continuity of Service

3 days ago
Marshall Weymouth, Senior Manager of Platform Engineering at United Airlines, talks about the challenges they faced and why Oracle Linux and Ksplice have been a game changer helping ensure their continuity of service.