Bluemix Mobile: Auto-generating Mobile SDKs

5 hours ago
Try Mobile on Bluemix! IBM Bluemix makes cloud and mobile app developers more productive in building cognitive apps. This video shows how to use the Bluemix Mobile Dashboard to auto-generate an SDK for a backend application and use it in an iOS mobile app. For questions contact

Snippet: Up and running with Git

11 hours ago
Let’s cover the everyday basics of using Git. Learn how to push projects to a repository, create and delete branches, merge pull requests, deal with conflicts and stash changes. These are the basics I use every day, and are enough to work on a small project, even with a team. When you’re comfortable with the […]

ETL Is Dead, Long Live Streams: real-time streams w/ Apache Kafka

14 hours ago
Neha Narkhede talks about the experience at LinkedIn moving from batch-oriented ETL to real-time streams using Apache Kafka and how the design and implementation of Kafka was driven by this goal of acting as a real-time platform for event data. She covers some of the challenges of scaling Kafka to hundreds of billions of events […]

My Computer Programmer Salary History Part 3

15 hours ago
In this video I share my story of how much I got paid as a computer programmer straight out of university in addition to my salary and employment history as time went on. If you’ve ever wondering about how much an app developer makes or the salary of a computer science grad then I hope […]

Oracle Prime – Creating Measures

16 hours ago
Measures are calculated fields that you design. Use them to monitor project performance in portfolios or assess alignment to strategic goals. In this video, we explore the components that make up a measure and then step through creating two examples. ================================= To improve the video quality, click the gear icon and set the Quality to […]

SIGNIN IN ANGULAR APP | Laravel + Angular 2 / Vue.js 2

16 hours ago
Learn how to use Laravel and Angular 2 or Vue.js 2 together. This videos explains how to use the backend signin process in your Angular app. The full source code can be found in the following Github repo (choose the right branch!): Want to dive deeper into Laravel, Angular 2 or Vue.js 2? Consider […]

What is Computer Science Discoveries?

1 day ago‘s Computer Science Discoveries course is an introductory computer science course designed for students in grades 7-9. The course empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with CS as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun. Learn more at Start learning at Stay in touch with us! • on Twitter […]

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1 day ago
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Using Espresso Tests

1 day ago
In this episode, Donovan Brown is joined by Adam Barlow, who shows how to use Espresso tests with Xamarin Test Cloud and Visual Studio Team Services. He shows how to leverage your existing Espresso tests with in your continuous integration build. For more information on the Xamarin Test Cloud, see the Test Cloud website.

Doing DevOps with Blue Green deployments on DC/OS and Jenkins

1 day ago
In this video, we will go through a real case scenario application, hosted on Azure Container Services (ACS) using DCOS and Docker. We will go through the C.I and C.D first and then show how you can do smooth deployments on your cluster using Jenkins pipeline without any interruptions for the users. I will share […]

Docker Cloud Fleet Management and Collaboration

2 days ago
This video demonstrates the new Beta Swarm Mode features in Docker Cloud, including step-by-step instructions on how to provision Docker swarms to popular cloud providers, register existing swarms to Docker Cloud, and use your Docker ID to authenticate and securely access personal or team swarms. Plus, you’ll see the new fleet management integration in the […]

Host Spinnaker on Azure

2 days ago
Arun Chandrasekhar, Program Manager for Azure DevOps OSS, stops by Azure Friday to talk with Donovan Brown about Spinnaker, a continuous delivery platform from Netflix OSS. Arun shows how using Azure QuickStart template ( makes this quick and easy.