Published on May 9, 2017 by Amazon Web Services

On the next episode of This Is My Architecture, Bill Weiner, SVP of Operations at @47Lining, explains how they build their “Redshift Overlord” tool that coordinates bringing Redshift clusters up and down. You’ll learn how they leverage Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Data Pipeline and even API Gateway + Slack to make it easy for users and automated processes to bring clusters up when needed.

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Gregory Nofi
Gregory Nofi
11 months 7 days ago

Good stuff! It seems like this is tailored towards analytics teams. Does @47Lining have a BI tool like Looker or QuickSight in front of their Redshift cluster? In those cases, the user base is bigger and may only need an occasional quick report on demand. I suspect that it would be too difficult to have them vote or send a Slack command when they need a report off-hours.