Published on November 9, 2017 by Amazon Web Services

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With more organizations using containerized applications to interact with their customers and employees, massive amounts of data are being generated. This stresses the need for container environments to be configured to meet compliance standards. Twistlock’s audit-ready reporting and granular enforcement delivers compliance and vulnerability checks directly within developer workflow, helping you seamlessly meet industry or company policies throughout the development work cycle.

Twistlock’s customer, ClearDATA, delivers secure, managed services for healthcare and life sciences providers on AWS. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how Twistlock and ClearDATA help healthcare and life sciences providers run Docker containers using Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS), while making sure all underlying security is compliant with HIPAA regulations.

– Best practices for securing containerized applications against the most severe issues in your production environment
– How to enforce compliance across the entire software delivery lifecycle
– How Twistlock helps ClearDATA manage compliance and security using the best practices

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