Published on May 17, 2017 by Android Developers

ExoPlayer is an open source media playback library for Android. Used by thousands of applications, it enables great media experiences and can be customized to suit individual needs. Recent additions to the library have ranged from a new high level API to advanced features such as multi-period DASH support and spatial audio. In this talk you’ll learn what’s new in ExoPlayer, as well as some of ExoPlayer’s key concepts, points of customization and inner workings.

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2 Comments on "ExoPlayer: Flexible Media Playback for Android (Google I/O ’17)"

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Ragunathan Pattabiraman
Ragunathan Pattabiraman
9 months 7 hours ago

ExoPlayer is very well designed. Thank you for the very clear explanations. Possibly, one of the best talks of Google I/O.

Gary Wang
Gary Wang
9 months 12 hours ago

Amazing talk