Published on November 11, 2016 by Docker

Introduction to InfraKit: A toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure.

While working on Docker for AWS and Azure, we realized the need for a standard way to create and manage infrastructure state that was portable across any type of infrastructure, from different cloud providers to on-prem. One challenge is that each vendor has differentiated IP invested in how they handle certain aspects of their cloud infrastructure. It is not enough to just provision five servers; what IT ops teams need is a simple and consistent way to declare the number of servers, what size they should be, and what sort of base software configuration is required. And in the case of server failures (especially unplanned), that sudden change needs to be reconciled against the desired state to ensure that any required servers are re-provisioned with the necessary configuration. We started InfraKit to solves these problems and to provide the ability to create a self healing infrastructure for distributed systems.

In this online meetup, David Chung and Bill Farner, Core team engineers, will cover what’s Infrakit, what problems it solves, some use cases, how you can contribute and what’s coming next.

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