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Docker Swarm Mode enables users to manage their applications with service primitives. In this talk we demonstrate how to do service upgrades without impacting your application. The Healthcheck feature provides health indication for a container. Coming up in Docker 1.13 release, Docker Swarm can connect healthcheck result with load balancer to implement no-loss service upgrade.

Speaker Biographies:

Nishant Totla is a software engineer at Docker, and works on the core open source team. He is currently working on Docker SwarmKit and Docker Swarm. Prior to Docker, he was a PhD student at UC Berkeley, doing research on programming languages. In his spare time, he enjoys long-distance running, biking, and other outdoor activities. Nishant tweets at @nishanttotla.

Dongluo Chen is a software engineer at Docker focusing on orchestration and container development. Before Docker he was software engineer manager at Microsoft Azure building and automating global data centers. He worked at France Telecom (Orange) and the Ohio State University as research scientist in networking area.

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James Liljenquist
James Liljenquist
1 year 5 months ago

Where's the 2nd video? I'm DYING without it