Published on April 17, 2017 by IBM

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At Devoxx US 2017, Senior Technologist Sandhya Kapoor talks about her time with IBM, discusses where cognitive computing is going, where machine and deep learning techniques can take you, and what women should do to move forward in software development and design.

Sandhya and Mehjabin Kapasi discuss machine learning capabilities in their session “Think. Think again. Watson and the Cognitive Developer.” They demonstrate a state-of–the-art Enterprise Java application running in production, using Watson’s Deep Learning services, specifically the ability of Alchemy’s Natural Language Processing to extract entities, concepts, relations and extend that to include custom type entities based on domain specific dictionaries, using Knowledge Studio, for unstructured text analysis. They also cover some best practices on testing cognitive applications.

In the session “Bits, Bytes and Brains: Where Watson Is and Where it’s going,” Sandhya, Scott Carrier, and Mike Wilcox talk about the journey to transition the system towards a more nimble microservice architecture with a continuous delivery model. They demonstrate this by showing you how they evolved the Natural Language Processing microservices and applied them to health care.

More information on the resources in this episode:
– One of Sandhya’s sessions: Where the technology is headed
– Another session: Java app using deep learning
– Explore other insights from Sandhya at developerWorks
– Visit the Watson Developer Community for the latest updates
– Learn how Watson Health is integrating into the real world

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