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At Devoxx US 2017, Dan Heidinga, JVM Team Lead at IBM Runtime Technologies, and Charlie Gracie, Software Developer on the OpenJ9 virtual machine project and a lead on the OMR project, discuss the Eclipse OMR project, an integrated set of open source C and C++ components that can be used to build language runtimes that run on different platforms. The OpenJ9 virtual machine is the largest consumer of the OMR components.

What the language-agnostic project does is take tooling for a single language and uses it across all runtimes, creating a reusable runtime foundation for cloud platforms.

The Eclipse OMR components include a platform porting library, a thread library, diagnostic services, monitoring services, a just-in-time compiler, and a garbage collector.

The OpenJ9 virtual machine is a high performance, modern Java VM based on the high performance runtime infrastructure in the Eclipse OMR project, including garbage collection and JIT compiler. The VM uses the OpenJDK class libraries, but still allows you to experiment at the virtual machine level.

More information
– Explore the Eclipse OMR project
– Explore the OpenJ9 VM
– Take an overview tour of Eclipse OMR
– developerWorks Open has a great Tech Talk on Eclipse OMR,
as well as a project page on the technology
– Learn more about the project code at GitHub

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