Published on December 13, 2016 by LearningLad
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In this video tutorial you will learn how to write a program to check for perfect number using c language.
you will also learn to modify this source code to list the perfect numbers between a range of values for example between 1 – 100 or 1 – 1000.

In number theory, a perfect number is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors, that is, the sum of its positivedivisors excluding the number itself (also known as its aliquot sum).

For example, divisors of 6 are 1,2 and 3. The sum of these divisors is 6. So 6 is called as perfectnumber.
The next number is 28. This is followed by 496 and 8128.

I will also explain the logic used to construct this program and then will provide information on all the steps used in the source code.

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2 months 3 days ago

have a look at my codescanf("%d",&t);for (n=2;n<t;n++){ num1=t%n; if(num1==0) sum=sum+n;} sum=sum+1;

Jazi Rajpoot
Jazi Rajpoot
8 months 17 days ago
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The Pentamollis Project
The Pentamollis Project
11 months 7 days ago

Hey ! I really appreciate your work , and I have started my own channel ( inspired by you ) .. I make casual stuff about computers , mainly 3D games in OpenGL and C++ . I'm also working a bit on assembly before i can start my Operating System Programming tutorial series. I'm from india ( himachal ) and i need guidance from an experienced youtuber. Can we talk ? :-)I'm really looking forward to this :-)Regards Ratul.