Published on February 14, 2017 by Microsoft

Rex Animal Health is seeking to transform the animal health and agriculture industries with a suite of innovative data-driven tools that track and analyze animal diseaseGitHub_LearnMore

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Rex CEO Amado Guloy, and Microsoft Technical Evangelists Rachel Weil and Tim Reilly to the show as they discuss how by moving to Microsoft Azure they improved Rex Animal Health’s workflow for developing, deploying, and hosting web applications built on Python and Angular.

  • [4:07] Tell us a little bit about Rex Animal Health. What do you do?
  • [6:18] Can you describe the project that Rex Animal Health and Microsoft worked on together?
  • [10:35] How was the migration process to Azure from AWS?
  • [14:58] How valuable was this project for Rex Animal Health?
  • [19:46] Azure Machine Learning also played a role into this project. Can you describe how it was used?
  • [22:07] What’s next for Rex Animal Health?

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